Where do you put the scarf?

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  1. I always carry my bags on my right shoulder. I guess because I am left handed. I tie scarves on my bags sometimes. I do not know if it should go on the end facing my chest or on the other end trailing behind me. What do you ladies do?
  2. Hmmm, I seem to let them trail behind me to make a nice exit! LOL
  3. I like that! :P
  4. I wear my scarf in the back of my bag.
  5. LMAO... I do the same!
  6. I was playing with mine yesterday trying different things, and I like it on my right shoulder with the scarf in the back. Seems like the scarf would get in the way on the front.
  7. On my Carly, I have it tied on the right side (if you're looking at the stamp in the leather). However, I carry my bag both directions, so sometimes it's in the front and sometimes it's in the back. Last week, I scared the crap outta myself...I thought a BUG was attacking me (bees seem to like me A LOT).........but alas, it was just the scarf blowing past my arm. I not so bright. :smile:
  8. LOL, that cracked me up shellindc!

    Hmmm, I seem to be the only one here who ties it to the front!
  9. Bag on left shoulder, scarf towards the back of the bag. Always.

  10. YUP ....Donna ...me too!
  11. Ditto! The only thing about wearing it in the back is I'm constantly checking to make sure it hasn't fallen off, I'm so paranoid about that.
  12. bag on right shoulder, scarf to the front.

    i'm a leftie and paranoid about losing my scarf.
  13. I have my bag on the right shoulder and placement of the scarf depends on what looks right on the bag. Most of the time I put it on the right side of the bag.
  14. I wear my bag on my right shoulder and tie the scarf to the back of the bag. BTW, same applies if I wear crossbody- bag to right, scarf to back.
  15. I wear my bags on my right shoulder even though I am right handed. Scarf always goes on the back of the bag...hang tags and fobs on the front.