where do you purchase your watch?

Sep 30, 2006
Do you purchase your watch at a specialized jewelry shop, mall jewelry shop, department store (bloomingdales, neiman marcus, saks, nordstroms), large goods store (sams, costco), amazon.com's sellers, ebay, or the boutique?

I'm thinking of getting an omega watch and the only boutique is on rodeo dr. in california. It's a bit of a drive. I was wondering if i could go into a local mall's jewelry store for it. I'm worried about authenticity if I don't get it straight from the boutique and price wise should be all relatively the same?

Thanks in advance for your input.
i usually get my watches in department stores. My current fave is a michele exclusive to bloomingdales. I also got a bulova at macys this year.

I think omega's are sold at jewelry stores, I would check that out before heading to BH!
You should not worry about buying a watch from a reputable jewelry store in the mall, such as Fink's or Bailey, Banks, and Biddle.

I'm planning to buy a Michele watch, which I will probably buy at Saks or NM. Are you able to find the Omega watch online anywhere? You may get to avoid paying to taxes if you do.
I would go to an authorized dealer; most department stores like Bloomingdales, Neiman, Saks are considered authorized dealers. To find out whether a retailer is authorized ask whether the watch will be covered by the MANUFACTURER's warrantee. Many online dealers are grey market dealers and do not offer the manufacturer's warrantee but supplies a warrantee of their own. I would be hesitant to buy an Omega grey market especially if it's my first time buying a $1k+ timepiece. I would stick to brick and mortar. Be sure to ask for a discount - most dealers are willing to give a small discount (something under 30%). If you are buying a quartz watch ask whether the dealer offers free lifetime battery changes (most I have been to in NYC do) and if you are buying a diving (water resistent 100m+) watch ask if they have on premises the equipment for sealing the caseback after a battery change.

Good luck on your watch finding :o) Omega has some wonderful watches - nice classic designs and dependable movements (both quartz and automatic).

I've seen Omega and Cartier watches at Costco for really cheap prices, sometimes $1000 cheaper. I'm sure they're authentic but I don't know what you would do about warranty. You would probably have to pay more for repairs at any authorized dealer since you didn't purchase the watch directly from them. For example I bring my old Omega to the jewelry store that I purchased it from and they always replace the battery for free.
Omega watches can be purchased at jewelry stores, Jared sells them (that is where I bought mine). I would not worry about the authenticity from a reputable jeweler/chain. Good luck!
I always buy from collectors; this enables me to purchase watches that are 95% new at a 50% discount.

currently have ulysee nardin:heart: , jaeger lecoultre, vmatic, rolexes, schaldenbrand, etc.

currently long for a lange sohne :shrugs:
I buy at authorized jewellery shops that's where I bought my tank cartier for 100 Euros less than cartier itself. I have this jewellery shop where I buy my Cartier jewellery, too and they give a bit of a discount.
I always buy from a large department store like Neimans. If for any reason you have a problem with whatever you buy, the large department store will always work with you better than a small store. I recently had a problem with my J12, it's the kind that winds itself as I wear it. I hadn't worn it for a while, so it needed to be wound, as I was turning it, I noticed it just would start running. I didn't want to tamper with it any further, so I brought it over to Neimans, to my original SA. In 2 weeks I had it back at no charge. Something was sticking inside of it, and they sent it out at no change to me. This is why I always make a major purchase at a big department store.
For fine timepieces Tourneau. My next one will be a Cartier tank and I will probably get it at Cartier in Manhattan.

If you are near a Lux Bond and Green, they are an authorized Cartier dealer and will discount. Service is also terrific. I think they have stores in Fairfield County, CT.