Where do you purchase your Hayden Harnett's from?

  1. Hello H-H lovers..
    I am a big Chloe and Kooba fan, but am really liking H-H these days..I want one!:heart:
    Are they counterfeited on eBay yet?:tdown:
    Where do you buy your bags...which sites online?
    I actually live in NYC so I'm wondering if I should make a trip into Brooklyn to their flagship store.
    Thanks for your help!:roflmfao:
  2. I'd go to Brooklyn if I could, from what others have reported they may have items at much bigger discounts than available online, plus you can see everything in person.
    I've bought HH online from HH.com, Luna Boston, eBay.
  3. I just bought 2 on sale from their site :smile:
  4. Do I have to worry about H-H fakes on eBay?
  5. As far as I know no one has seen a counterfeit Hayden Harnett yet; we have no evidence they exist.
  6. I have bought all mine from them directly. They have killer sales. With one going on right now, Chodessa you should check it out! (online) no fakes yet.
  7. I know, the sales r great! I was checking out the coin purses for only 19 bucks!!
  8. Concur that we have not seen any HH fakes.
    I have bought mine directly from their website.
    I think they are fab....some glitches here and there for others, but my experience has always been great.
    Indeed, GO to Brooklyn and check 'em out!
    Have fun!
  9. They do have a nice selection from the HH.com site. Have fun choosing.
  10. I've bought all mine from Hayden-Harnett's online store http://haydenharnett.com. And if you sign up for their emails, you get notified of upcoming sales and can get discount coupons. Their sales are pretty awesome and you can get some amazing deals!
  11. I've only bought from the HH website as they have the best selection and have sales very often...