Where do you purchase your furniture?

  1. i like things simple so a lot of artek and kartell (starck) stuff has made it into my flat. habitat for cheaper stuff. i'm thinking about having a wall of wallpaper and will be getting it from cole and son if i go ahead with it. also random little shops i never remember later on. i'd LOVE an aarnio ball chair though!
  2. horchow.com
    z gallerie
  3. Wherever I find something I like that's good quality :smile:

    I personally love Ikea for furniture. Based on Consumer Reports, they have some of the best (durable) furniture (and kitchens!!) out there. I like La-Z-Boy for sofas, chairs, etc. Ikea for bedroom furniture :smile:
  4. So far the furniture we've purchased has been found through Ebay, whether it's importers & antiques dealers or North Carolina manufacturers.

    (Except for our nursery furniture, which I found on PoshTots.com and ultimately was purchased from the manufacturer directly.)

    I'm debating getting a side table from Horchow for the nursery, but I'm usually disappointed with Horchow's products, so I don't know if I should just browse some of the local antique shops in our town. :shrugs: (I hate like heck to pay for shipping here and then hate the table and have to pay for shipping back. :rolleyes: )
  5. Ethan Allen
  6. Do you find their items to be exceptionally built? I have been in their a few times but not sure about the pricing.
  7. oh i disagree, my kitchen is from ikea (the previous owners installed it) and i keep having handles falling off and doors getting stuck :rant: it drives me nuts! they have little things that are fine but i wouldn't want to buy big things from there.
  8. Right now it's all IKEA and Big Lots. When I get married, I'd get a nice set from a nice furniture place.
  9. LisaG719- I think they (Ethan Allen) have great quality furniture and the price is up there as well because of it. Beautifully made, quality furniture!

    BUT, now that I'm getting older, and when I want to be able to change my furniture like in 8-10 years, I have to think twice coz I paid a lot $$$ (to me) for it.

    So, next time, I'm going for decent quality, doesn't have to be the best!
  10. I love Design Within Reach! :heart:
  11. Really? I've heard nothing but good things about them and have good experiences with them. But I don't think I would ever go about installing a kitchen MYSELF - I would definitely pay the little bit extra to have them do it for me :smile: But maybe that's just because I'm not so good with putting things together :smile:
  12. yeah, I personally wouldn't use IKEA for cabinets as big as in a kitchen, but they're great for basics!
  13. Love it too! Especially the Bauhaus designs!