Where do you purchase Nappa Charm?

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  1. I know the BH store has them but I'd really rather buy from a department store in case I need to return. I am not close to a store that carries Miu Miu so it will have to be bought sight unseen.

    Where do you guys buy your Miu Miu's?

    Thanks so much!
  2. Looks like Saks, NM, etc are no longer carrying MM bags. At least not on their websites. You can buy from Styledrops.com (a bit higher priced, but authentic and easy return policy) or Net a Porter. I've purchased from both of those sites and found the experience wonderful. I've also heard that some Nordstroms carry MM, but my local store doesn't.
  3. Thank you so much miu2!!!

    Have a great day!:tup:
  4. You can also buy Miu Miu bags on mytheresa.com :smile: They have great service and fast shipping. I boughy my Nappa Charm there :smile: