Where do you prefer to purchase?

  1. Where do you prefer to purchase your bags?

    Assuming a boutique is within commuting distance, would you rather...

    a) Purchase at "home"? "Your" H boutique/SA...continuing to build a relationship...

    b) Purchase during travels? An opportunity to purchase what may/may not be available close to home...an opportunity to purchase at a slight discount (e.g. Europe)...but...it then has to get home...
  2. best case scenario...in France, second...my regular boutique:flowers:
  3. Seems like most of my big purchases have been from DH shopping during travel at SCP. :flowers: I've finally found a nice SA at my "home" store so hopefully I'll be able to build a relationship there also. ;)
  4. me too.
  5. Best place is Hermes Boutique at home, without going through customs due to travels!!!:sweatdrop: been there, done that, -not good:sweatdrop: :shocked:
  6. I don't really care as long as its a NICE bag :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Of cos if the bag is the same, I'd prefer to buy it from Paris cos its MUCH CHEAPER there :P
  7. Yes, I wonder about that... I like the "romance" (or idea of it) associated with purchases during travels...but...I so like the convenience of home...

    I also think about the loyalty factor a bit...I believe that with patience, I could get just about anything I wanted (my tastes are fairly classic and straitforward) at home...

    We will see...many travels soon to come...I remain "open" to possibilities...
  8. I am finally building a relationship with an SA in the SF boutique! And since it is literally around the corner from my office, I say at home.
  9. I say at home too--I love going into the store when I'm able to--once every few months when we go back to LA--and I like a familiar person I can call when I see something I like.
  10. I think its best to establish a relationship (hope that's not just a tale) at your local boutique. However, its so much fun purchasing on a vacation and its great to have your DH or SO involved.
  11. Wherever the price is lower!!

    It's always nice to have a good relationship with your SA (which I do) at your local boutique. But the Hermes price in Canada (where I am) is just rediculous!!
  12. With a 25% price difference between buying in France and the home base, I'll willingly turn into an Hermes pack mule.

    In fact, still have my tennis elbow (and I don't play tennis) from hauling my last Birkin home in August. And I'm hoping to do the same again in a week or so's time... :upsidedown:

    My home boutique is a 10 min drive (and that's factoring in parking too) but there's just so much more to choose from in France.
  13. ok, say a 35cm Birkin in Clemence is $7500 retail in the US. are you saying that this exact bag is only $5625 in PARIS!???
  14. Croissant, I live in Asia where things tend to be more expensive than in Europe or the US.

    I haven't priced the 35 Birkins in non-exotic in Paris, but an ostrich 35 in Aug was (after taking off local taxes) would be 8,685 euro (USD 11,050 +/- a few bucks). In Singapore it's SGD 23,200 (USD 14,500 +/-) for the exact same bag.

    Gina B's recent posts from Paris may have some French prices for you to benchmark H price differences.
  15. My local store. I've built a great relationship with my SA and my local store and want to pay them back with my loyalty.
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