Where do you prefer to buy most of your LV's?

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  1. I've been away from my bag obsession for a long time but now I'm back. Eluxury used to be my place of choice. But I hear its gone out of business. How the heck did that happen?


    I plan to buy a new LV soon and I'm just curious what everyones preferences are and why

    Do you order online? From the boutique? Department stores?

    I'm just being nosey:P
  2. Yes eluxury is no more.I prefer to go to my Louis V boutique as I can try them on and look.Plus getting it that day versus ordering LVOe it ...
  3. I love the feeling of leaving the boutique with the brown bag, ribbon, etc.

    BUT....if the price is right from an online consigner, I can sacrifice all of that :roflmfao:

  4. Me too crystalrnc:P
  5. I love going to the boutique- even if it's only to get an agenda refill or "test" the merchandise :biggrin:. But I also enjoy getting a bargain from the bay - I've gotten some really good deals and the bags are in great condition, too. tpf is very helpful in authenticating, too!
  6. the boutique
  7. I like the boutique, the bay, malleries, anns fabulous finds, and yoogis closet.
  8. louis vuitton.com but....if i lived near a boutique...i wouldn't order online.
  9. If I can find them preloved for a good deal that is my favorite. Otherwise usually at the Beverly Hills LV
  10. Boutique. After chasing bargains on eBay and (in the old days!) ordering online from elux to save sales tax, I realized I am much better off when I can touch and try on the bag before I plunk down my $. I am more invested, and therefore enjoy the bag much more for a longer time. I've ended up selling off my eBay purchases because they never felt like mine.
  11. i love boutique..
  12. Boutique, for me!
  13. Boutique or I call them to purchase and mail it to me but getting it from the boutique is definitely more exciting.
  14. Rodeo Drive boutique
  15. Saks South Coast Plaza