Where do you place your precious Hermes when you dine in a restaurant?

  1. Whenever I dine in a restaurant, I always worry about finding a suitable place to park my bag. If possible, I put it on an empty chair that is away from people (to avoid theft) or on the dining table (where I can see and if there is room). Otherwise, I place in on my lap under the napkin. If the bag is too big, then I place it on my back. However, I find it very uncomfortable sitting on the edge of a chair. Hanging the bag on the back of the chair is out of the question for me, because people can snatch it without me ever noticing until I leave the restaurant. Oh no, I do not want to place my precious bag on the dirty floor!

    Wonder how you solve this bag placement problem?

    Last night, I came across this thread, Giving in and buying a "purse hook", about a fantastic solution. The purse hook from www.luxelink.com appears impressive. Do you use a purse hook or plan to use one in the future?

    Personally, I think the restaurant should provide these to us, because I do not want to have to carry one around. Although the hook weighs about 2-3 oz, everything adds up quickly when you consider the weight of the purse organizer, wallet, change, cell phone, camera, mirror, lipstick, pens, and etc..
  2. Oh I like that little hook;) very nice. When I'm out my bag with a handle it will go over the chair, otherwise on an empty seat, and sometimes yes on the floor.
  3. hk, you never put your swift etoupe on the floor!??:wtf: LOL !!!:heart:
    I am def going to invest in a purse hook. Mostly my bags (no H ones yet:sad:) have prime space on the table, or seat.!!!!
    BTW is swift etoupe hard to look after, how is it in the rain, and is it as gorgeous as everyone says?????
  4. Can anyone recommend a good purse hook?
  5. lol i saw it on an informercial around 3 am on tv.
  6. The Luxelink works well, but honestly, I always forget to keep it in my purse so oftentimes the bag just goes in an empty chair if available or on the floor if there's no alternative.
  7. I would make DH sit with it on his lap, if there was no space elsewhere!!!!!
  8. We do have threads on this topic...off to find them
  9. i opt for on my lap under the napkin b/c i'm afraid of accidental spills or splatter from me or others or the server.
  10. Thanks KB!
  11. I prefer the extra chair because I find that the purse hook sometimes is not long enough (the tables are too thick). I have sometimes received odd looks tho. Wish there was a better option.
  12. i always put it on an extra chair. if not, i place it behind me. if it's a hole in the wall type of place (in chinatown)...i don't even take H with me! hehe the chairs are usually sticky or dirty! and there have been reports of robberies in the middle of the day lately!
  13. I am still waiting for my 1st Birkin. But when I dine out, be it a fancy place or a hole in the wall place. I would always grab an extra seat for my bag. :smile: