Where do you place your bag in the car?

  1. Do you put your bag on the floor or on the seat or do you just hang it up? Is there a special place for you to put your expensive bags in your car?
  2. I place it on the passenger seat or in the middle. I have never in my life with expensive handbags put any of my purses on the floor. anywhere. LOL At restaurants, if I can't place it on the table or hang it on the seat, I place it on my lap or I bring a PURSE HANGER, and I hang it on the table edge!!!!!!
  3. Same here - always on the passenger seat - never on the floor (plus it's bad luck!)
  4. Me Too:yes:
  5. Passenger side too =)
  6. On my lap :biggrin: or right beside me on the seat.
  7. passenger seat or on my lap!
  8. None of mine are expensive, but I hold them on my lap.

    (I don't drive. The opthalmologist says this is for your protection)
  9. Either on the passenger seat or in the back seat... But I confess.... my car is new and so I have been known to put it on the floor by the side console and near my foot... I don't have the patience to sit with my purse in my lap... Esp if the dog is with me...


  10. That's what I do.
  11. Kelly sits on a baby seat, strapped in!
  12. I put my purse on the passanger seat, and if that is taken, it goes in the back. If my car is full of people, I usually ask someone to hold it on their lap.
  13. passenger seat or back seat... NEVER on the floor.
  14. Either on the passenger seat of i hang it around the head rest.
  15. My purses never touch the floor anywhere. Not only to preserve them but for sanitary reasons!