Where do you part your hair?

  1. I think some people have natural part lines. My little girl has a large swirl to one side and there is no way that without severe tugging and loads of product her hair will stay parted in the middle.

    I don't have a natural part line, mine just stays where I comb it when wet and will stay there until I re-wash it.
  2. I part mine to the right too!
  3. I part mine to the left. If I don't, I'll have a huge cowlick in the front :sad:
  4. i part mine to the right. i use to do it to the left but now i changed it up ha.i have long hair about an inch or so under my bra strap and its in layers.feel like cutting it short but boyfriend dnt want me to :p
  5. I part my hair to the right or the middle :smile: The side seems to make your face look skinnier :smile:
  6. No farther to the side than the edge of my nostril. Otherwise wherever it ends up after I shower, usually I keep it there. Sometimes it's diagonal even.
  7. Absolutely agree! Now that my hair is finally medium-shoulder length I like to change the part and play around with it. I had a short boy cut last year and the whole growing hair out process has been a complete b****. At the moment I have black hair with chopped bangs (think Krysten Ritter, only longer) and somethimes I'll wear them to the left or right. Honestly depends on my mood! :p
  8. I have long hair like almost down to my waist. I keep it one length an no bangs. I love styling my hair and sometimes I part my hair in the middle or on the side depending on the look I'm going for
  9. i have permed hair, waist line long now and i usually party my hair on the side... now i'm thinking of parting it on the center right after i get a new perm..