Where do you part your hair?

  1. I have small of my back length layered hair and used to always part my hair on the side but lately I've been doing it slightly off center. I feel I look better when it's on the side but for whatever reason it seems a little juvenile. I look really young for being 26 and I feel like it makes me look like a high schooler!

    All the celebs seem to have a middle part lately. How long is your hair and how do you part it?
  2. My hair is medium length (from shoulder length to just below my shoulder blades and then i cut it again to shoulder length), also with layers, and is parted slightly off center - it's really supposed to be center, but however it falls.

    I like it parted on the side on others, but find it doesn't really suit me :shucks:
  3. I part mine down the middle :biggrin: well actually, I don't do anything - my hair just does it naturally and any attempt to move it elsewhere fails haha and it works for me and my face shape so I don't mess with it. I have very thick but fine German/Chinese mixed hair that's layered and goes down to my mid-back.

    I do notice that the middle part is getting more popular. People say it looks more "boho" and yet others say "severe"...though whatever the description it tends to work better for people with very symmetrical faces (as the part draws an imaginary line down your face so anyone whose face isn't symmetrical may look a little odd. It also tends not to work for people that have prominent noses as it may highlight/be unflattering for a larger nose)
  4. It's a centre-part but I have straight, blunt bangs so it doesn't look uber-severe. My hair is slightly shorter around the face, and reaches my shoulder blades at it's longest in the back.
  5. I've always parted it on the side. I tried it in the middle recently and I really like it!
    Mine is very thick and long - past bra strap, layered and blonde.
  6. Part it on the side. Very long, straight hair. Middle part does not look good on me.
  7. Mine is parted on my left hand side, middle split does not suit me now although I had middle split until I was in my 20's it now looks juvenile which on a 52 year old is NOT a good look.
  8. My hair is halfway down my back. If I have my (blunt) fringe down, I leave my hair to naturally part in the middle. If I pin it back or to the side, then I have a left side part. Just play around, you don't have to have the same part every day.
  9. My hair is a couple inches past my shoulders with some layers in it, and I part it down the middle.
  10. to the left
  11. I switch up from a center part to a left sided part. Never on the right and cannot even explain why - it just feels wrong somehow.

    My hair is mid back long with long layers, shortest hitting my clavicle.
  12. My hair is wavy & collarbone length.. I just comb it back & wherever

    the part falls naturally let it dry naturally that way as well.. especially

    in this warm weather..

    other times just pull it back in a ponytail..
  13. LOL I'll be the oddball here - I part mine to the right. Every stylist I've ever gone to says it naturally falls to the left and not to fight it, but I just don't like the way it looks on the left for the most part.
  14. I have thick, layered, wavy hair that falls a little below the shoulders and I have been parting it to the left side for my whole life, lol. The part in the middle never looked good on me, I wind up looking like a triangle (flat on top, volume at ends). The side part I feel defines my face better.
  15. Does hair have a natural part line? When I comb my daughter's hair if she wants me to do something special with it her hair seems to fall to the side always in the same place. Our stylist said it was her natural part line which I never heard of before but she does look better when you part it that way. She has hair half way down her back and I don't like the part in the middle look with very long hair because I always think your forhead looks like a triangle that way.