Where do you lose weight first?

  1. It goes from my face, tummy, thighs then arms.
  2. My face.
    Since being pregnant my face has become so round. I look like I'm 12 years old again. Ugh, I can't wait to be small again.
  3. You lose weight the last place you gained it.

    The first place you usually gain weight is the stomach area so often that's the last place you lose weight. But its encouraging if you begin shedding inches off your waist as you know your diet/exercise regimen is really working.
  4. Face.
    Hands and forearms.
    Lower legs.
  5. Face-neck (upper body part)
    Boobs (Not fair, I know!!)
  6. I only know the last place I loose which is tummy, back and thighs :cursing: It doesen't EVER seem to go away. And my face usually stays the same, but I like it that way. So I guess I loose weight on face as one of the last places too. Arms are the first thing to go.
  7. Face.
  8. I've heard that too. The first place I lost noticeable weight was in my face and chest. My stomach is incredibly resilient to weight loss.
  9. My face, boobs (don't have to worry about that anymore!) and stomach. Now if only I could add thighs to that list :rolleyes:
  10. maybe face, i don't know. but i always notice it first in my boobs.
  11. Same here. I notice it in the face... but it always feels obvious in my chest.
  12. Stomach first, then evenly all over including my face.
  13. ^ I wish I lost mine in my stomach first! I lose in my thighs and face first. The last place it shows is my boobs- for some reason when I gain weight, they get bigger and stay that way. It's like a natural boob job!
  14. Everywhere but my thighs. The only way for me to loose my too-big thighs is to either get myself way too skinny or lipo. I'm going to opt for the latter eventually.
  15. Boobs. :sad:

    Then face.