Where do you live?


Where do you live?

  1. North America

  2. South America

  3. Asia

  4. Europe

  5. Australia

  6. Africa

  7. Antarctica

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  1. Miami, Florida - but travelliing all the time both in and out of the U.S.
  2. NJ-
    Hate the weather here though!!!
  3. nyc
  4. auckland, new zealand :smile:
  5. Ohio
  6. I was just up in Edmonton... I didn't get to do any shopping though...I really wanted to check out your Holt and see how it compared to ours. I always thought you had the better shopping since you have the one of the worlds biggest malls and all.
  7. Originally from NJ, now live in Arlington, VA, outside of DC.
  8. I wanna go to SOuthcoast, I heard about all of the stores there from Pursegalsf, she goes often.. I think when I finally go there i'll think i died and gone to heaven.. oh and is it true all of the girls dress up to go to the mall??? thats what i've heard..
  9. Well, I think you would be disappointed! Our Holt Renfrew is smaller, and carries a lot less lines. The "big mall" is kind of over-rated. I go there to go to BCBG sometimes, but other than that, it has the same stores as everywhere else. I want to go to CALGARY to shop!!!
  10. Shopping is way better in Etown! You have Hollister and A&F, UO! :love:

    But your Holts isn't that nice...from when I was there two years ago.
  11. Chicago. I think I am the first one so far....
  12. 0o0o0o i just love that giant mall! :nuts:
  13. Outer Sunset :smile:
  14. I live in South Texas, an hour away from South Padre Island.
  15. Orlando, Florida