Where Do You Like To Shop?

  1. The title pretty much speaks for itself.

    So what are your favorite stores to shop?
    What couldn't you live without?
  2. I shop almost everywhere really.

    H&M is great for its prices.
    Topshop is great for its different types of ranges.

    But then you get your designer stuff which is so great, but you can't buy lots of it without going bankrupt lol!

    Designers I love -
    Karen Walker
    Louis Vuitton
    Calvin Klein .. soo much!

  3. Zara for clothes/shoes and Chanel for bags
  4. We don't really have anything spectacular around here, so I get most of my clothes from American Eagle, Aeropostale and Old Navy. The thing is, I dig around for basic, classic pieces, I don't wear graphic tees or crap with monkeys on it or anything.

    I wore a really nice black babydoll sweater last night out to dinner and to see the Nutcracker, and honestly, you can't tell it's from Aeropostale!
  5. Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, various trendy shops around LA....
  6. for clothing at zara... i always got something from there

    for bag at eBay because the designer's bag price in here is crazy...
  7. Nordstroms for tops and outerwear
    Saks & Bloomingdales for tops and shoes
    Old navy for long camis to wear under my shirts.
    Jcrew for sweaters basic sweaters

    I also love to shopping online! some places i like to visit are...
    Zappos.com - for shoes. their 110% price protection has saved me bundles before lol
  8. Saks for jeans and specialty items, TJMaxx for bang-around stuff, Zappos for shoes, Ann Taylor for business clothes, White House/Black Market for business dress-up, Cache for snazzy stuff. I almost hate to admit this publicly ;) but I frequent a great resale shop in a very upscale area of town. I am always finding NWT designer items for 20% the boutique prices, or perfect condition items like St John. My mother recently walked out of there with 3 St John items . She paid less than 400 and the retail was probably in the neighborhood of 1800. This shop also has LV bags now and again. She currently has a near mint Papillion 30 for 495. I am waiting for it to drop just a bit...
  9. lately, i've been on an online shopping kick. it's so much easier to find the things i want in my size and no tax if i buy from sites like shopbop or lagarconne.

    since i live in nyc, there's a lot of variety, but i still prefer department stores over the boutiques. barneys and bergdorf are my favorites for the contemporary clothing lines and jeans as well as handbags. barneys carries some fantastic brands that i can't find in the other dept stores like shu uemura makeup and lanvin ballet flats. intermix and scoop nyc are also great for trendy pieces.

    i love the gap and american apparel for good quality basics. i'll pop into j.crew for their soft and colorful array of cashmere sweaters.
  10. Saks, NM, Nordstrom, Ann Taylor loft, Marshalls, Banana Republic, Macys...okay almost anywhere that I find something cute. :smile:
  11. I love little obscure boutiques that not a lot of people know about. Vintage/thrift stores are faves of mine too.
  12. Well, first off, I'm in high school and pay for most of my clothes so I don't have a HUGE budget...so my favorite stores are:

    American Eagle
    Forever 21

    And for bags - Macy's [:heart: Coach!]
  13. I like to mix high-end and high-street brands so I pretty much shop everywhere. But my favorites are:

    Designer brands:
    - Hermès: Anything leather, especially handbags, and scarves
    - Prada and MiuMiu: Modern yet classic
    - Bluemarine: Luscious and delicate lace and sequined clothes
    - Etro: Color, color and more color
    - Gucci: The perfect shoes for my feet
    - Anna Sui: Funky clothes that are reasonably priced
    - MaxMara/Sportmax: Great coats and dresses

    High-street brands:
    - Benetton: Excellent quality basics and wrinkle-free suits
    - Zara: Trendy and fabulous silk dresses
    - Massimo Dutti: Modern yet classic, excellent quality
    - H&M: Hit or miss depending on the season's designs
    - Rhapsodia: Fabulous silk clothes from this Argentinian brand
  14. Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy.