Where Do You Like To Go When Dining Out?

  1. Sorry ladies, McDonalds doesn't count. :roflmfao: I used to keep a list close by that was numbered "The top 20 places that I like to eat out at", and I wish that I could find it. :push:

    In the meantime, I thought of posting this because I have plans to eat at Kanki tomorrow morning with a friend of mine and my brother. For those who aren't familiar with it, Kanki is a Japanese steakhouse where they sit you at these really long tables where up to 3 parties can be seated, and the chef cooks your food in front of you and puts on a little show. :yahoo:It's really nice.

    It can be a bit pricey though at dinner time, which is why we decided to go there for lunch instead. :sweatdrop: But other than that, my other top favorites would be:

    The Cheesecake Factory [With a 15 page menu, this place has MUCH more to offer than just cheesecake. ;)]
    Elijah's Seafood [an amazing restaurant at the beach, but average meal costs around $30.00 :wtf:]
    Red Lobster [again, seafood]

    I can't think of anymore off the top of my head. But this could also serve as a new list to turn to when looking for Friday night dinner plans. Dish your opinions girls! Where do you like to go when dining out?
  2. Most of my favorite restaurants are local, not chains. The only chain restaurant that I really love is Bahama Breeze -- I like the cheesy atmosphere and the fruity drinks :shame:

    My favorite non-chain places around here are:
    -Korean Buffet- it's a mixture of Korean and Chinese foods, plus they also have a decent sushi bar and they serve alcohol :tup:
    -Crazy seafood place- it's a combination dive bar/ casual seafood restaurant. They have live bands sometimes, dinner is never more than $20, and the food is always good!
    -Expensive Mexican place- They use filet mignon in their beef dishes and Patron in their margaritas. It's seriously incredible :girlsigh:
    -Thai/French fusion place- it's this tiny restaurant that has amazing (and really cheap) food! But because it's so small it's ALWAYS packed! It's worth the wait though. They have things on the menu like $5 coconut creme brulee!

    My favorite place in the whole world is this little pancake cafe in my (original) hometown in the Chicago area. It's just this little hole in the wall place in a stripmall, but they serve breakfast all day and their french toast is TDF! I've never had a bad meal there and I've tried everything on the menu!

    I love food! I could go on all day lol. These are just the ones that popped into my head first, but I have different restaurants I like for different cravings/moods. Most of the time, I like to go somewhere that takes awhile so I have a drink and relax. I don't like feeling rushed.
  3. I'm not much of a foodie, but when I dine out I do have places that I prefer. My favorite places aren't national/chain restaurants, they're local places here in town. I like Shogun Japanese Restaurant (teppanyaki and sushi, much better than Benihana IMHO), El Vaquero (Mexican, love those margarita nights!), and I think my favorite place of all is this little "hole in the wall" here in town, as we call it. It's a Mexican buffet restaurant called La Nationale (sp), and although I normally loathe buffets, the food at this little place attached to a bodega is soooooooooo gooooooooood that I go there again and again. Really, it's excellent. LOL. All they need is a liquor license and that would be fabulous; I could have a Corona with my meal. We also have a really great Chinese place called Chef Lee's Peking Restaurant. Other favorites: The Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster, Gladys Knight's...another place I like to go when "dining out" is my mom's house...LOL.
  4. Give me a lovely Italian restaurant anytime, and Im one happy girl. I love the traditional, family run places the best, you cannot beat some great pasta with a lovely glass of wine.

    Yummmmmm :biggrin:
  5. In my area, there are mostly chains. I live in suburbia. I've yet to find a local Mexican place that I like. When I go out, I am kind of basic. I'm happy with a good pizza or Mexican, at hole in the wall kind of places! Really, I've yet to find a local pizza place I like and I've lived in my area for a little over a year. The local ones have not impressed me at all.
  6. My top three favorites are Cheesecake Factory (I agree, they have WAY more than just cheesecake, and just about everything I've tried is delicious... love this place!), Outback, and PF Chang's. I'm feeling hungry now, lol.
  7. i dont like chain restaurants, at all. my favorite places to go out locally usually include a wine bar though ;)
  8. Im just getting into the Melting Pot. Its a chain fondue restaurant: you have your own little pot & stove top on your table and the waitress mixed all the ingredients and stirs up the fondue right in front of you. You start with cheese fondue, then you have salad (they are soooo good), then you pick a meat platter and you cook the meat yourself (something you should do once but Im not sure Ill be doing it again), then the chocolate fondue w/ all sorts of things to dip in it. sooo yummy!
    I also really like Maggianos- I used to have one right by me in college and now there are none in NY- i miss it!
  9. My favorite resturants:
    Fogo de Chao (Brazilian steakhouse)
    Kampai's (sushi place)
    Two Rows (great American fare)
  10. I can give my top 3 of FAV, Chain, and Regular.

    Top 3 Fav:
    Morimoto (Phil, PA) Japanese
    Rusty Scuppers (Baltimore, MD) French/Seafood
    Emperor's Garden (Boston, MA) DimSum

    Top 3 Chain:
    Red Lobsters (Seafood)
    Babalu Grill (Cuban)
    Smokey Bones (Ribs)

    Top 3 Regular:
    Penang (Malaysian)
    Cracker Barrels (Southern food)
    Ginza (Japanese)

    Although I have many more but that will be too much... also given that I have moved close to every 2 years and have traveled quite a bit not to eat out.
  11. The Melting Pot when it's a special occassion.

    Once a week we get Pho from a lovely place in Harvard Square.

    If we're feeling naughty we LOVE Border Cafe in Harvard Square. Yummy Mexican AND tasty Margaritas! I love their Frozen Strawberry. *_*
  12. I love Rusty Scupper and Penang. The Rusty Scupper has the best bisque EVER and Penang is just sooooooooooooooooo good. It's actually one of my favorite restuarants-- everytime I'm in Philly I try to stop there!!
  13. Lately dh and I have been loving a local Cuban restaurant. Great food and atmosphere, and most nights they have live music!
  14. I hardly dine out since I cook.. so when I do it better be gooood!
    Melting Pot, Chevy's, and Green Papaya Vietnamese Restaurant are my local favs.
  15. I really don't care for chain restaurants. Most of time when we dine out it's a local - non-chain restaurant. I love hole in the wall places with great food and warm service. :smile:

    The only chains that I feel constantly provide good food are Wolfgang Puke's places, Del Frisco Steakhouses, and Roy's.