Where do you keep your makeup brushes?

  1. i have them on my vanity desk, but im planning to move them to a drawer, because they get dusty
  2. vessel8-4.jpg
  3. I have mine in a large, cylinder vase stashed in beads a la Sephora on the top of my dresser.

  4. I keep mine in an old painted jug on my vanity. Think I need something different now though as it's bulky and taking up too much place.
  5. in the sigma make-up brush roll! Love it!
  6. I keep it in my drawer, but i think it not so good
  7. I keep mine in my MAC brush roll.
  8. In a cute glass jar thingy from the bathroom section at ikea. It's easier than taking them in and out of a brush roll. Plus brush rolls harbour so many germs!