Where do you keep your makeup at home?

  1. Hey guys -
    I was just wondering where you keep your make up at home? Do you have like a certain place for your everyday stuff and then another place for your special stuff? Do you keep it in cases or in a drawer or what? RIght now i just have my stuff in a vera bradley case, but im moving and i would like something more permanent so i just figred id ask you guys and see what you did!
  2. I just moved into a temporary place, so I have traincases for my stuff. Categorized, but not special vs. non-special.

    Here's a pic of my old "vanity" though. *sigh* I loved having the Sterilite drawers. Everything was so organized!

  3. I had a large drawer built into my vanity in my master bath when we built the house. I fitted it with a pen/pencil type drawer organizer that holds my eyeshadows, lipsticks, pencils, etc. I have the back of the drawer for powders, compacts, etc. Works great for me.
  4. I wish I had a vanity...right now I do have sterlite drawers in my bathroom closet with everything organized.
  5. I have a 3 piece basket storage similar to the photo below.
    From my make-up, cream, lotion to my hairdryer...everything goes right in the baskets.
  6. I have a clear, plastic container I use for the makeup I don't wear on a daily basis, which is stored in a section of cuberts in my bathroom. For my everyday makeup I keep it in my makeup bag (just from a Clinique counter) beside my mirror in my bedroom.
  7. I threw out all my makeup except for what I use daily and some eyeshadows party wise. I bought this jewelry box from bombay store that looks art deco, but now I just have a bloomies tweed case I just stuff that and proactiv stuff into and just take it out in the morning from a drawer. This way if I know I'm going to need everything to touch up (I travel just with lip gloss and blotters) I can just grab the case.
  8. I have a shu umeura makeup case...3 layers
  9. I have a nylon Prada makeup case (small zip pouch) that I keep my absolute essentials in and that goes in one of my dresser drawers or into my overnight bag when I'm at my BF's. :graucho:

    I'm lucky to have a master bedroom with a large, open vanity (very late 70s early 80s style I think). I've got a ton of counter space, double sink and drawers to hold hair products, perfume, hair dryer, etc. :wlae:
  10. Clear perspex pencil pot from Paperchase for eye pencils, liquid eyeliners and mascaras.

    Tray from my Samsonite beauty case for eyeshadows and blushers.

    Foundation, face creams, powders and serums etc sit on the shelf, and finally lipsticks and balms have a clear perspex caddy from John Lewis.:heart:

    My makeup all lives in the bathroom right now as that has the best light and I turn the radiator off religiously even in January :smile: to keep it in good condition.

    I carry with me a selection of pencils and powders but edit these according to my look - for a daytime appointments I'll take only powder, cotton buds and a light shadow, for night-time I'd load up on whatever freaky sh1t I was wearing!:jammin: :wlae:

    My philosophy is, keep the core database at home, only take out anything you need to repair it (including during the "morning after" <coughs>....:shame: )

  11. I just bought one of those caboodles type of cases, and I love it. Keeps it all organized, and easy to see my whole collection at once. I find myself using things now I forgot I even had.
  12. All I really have is my cleanser, toner, & moisturizer, which sit on the bathroom counter. And a lip balm in my purse.
  13. I have no makeup to keep :smile: lol, so I guess I don't have to worry about that!
  14. I have a traincase from Sephora and I love it.