Where do you keep your LV???

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  1. I borrowed this idea from one of my other forums and thought it would be fun...did a search and could not find any of the like.

    So, where do you keep your LV at home, car, work, shopping?

    home- a chair next to my hutch in the dining room

    car- occupied, in the console where the cup holder cavity isand when unoccupied, actually have a dustbag i keep it in if i have to leave it on my sons booster b/c i rarely take it to the next place, but when i do

    work- on a box (3 stacked high) in a closet in my classroom or locked file cabinet

    shopping- if at a store with a cart, i look it in the front with the child restraints going through the handles
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    home - the little desk area in my kitchen
    Car - on the seat next to me, on the backseat, or in the trunk if I leave it.My trunk is very clean!
    Work - I hide it in a box behind a table in my work area.
    Shopping, anywhere in the cart. Prefer the little seat. I will not set it on the ground in a movie theater,lol.
    When not in use, stuffed in a dust bag in my closet.
  3. i wanna play!!!!!!!! i just got mine 2day....i am soooo happy...well

    home- in whatever room i am wher i have direct eye contact...lol

    work- i work from home so same as above lol

    car- (occupied) in the backseat never on the floor..
    (unoccuppied) right on the passenger side where again i have maximum eye contact with my baby!!!!!!!!lol
  4. home: in my room, in the dustbags, on a tv stand

    car: in the center raised console, on the front seat, or in my lap

    work: will never be within 10 km of my dental office LOL
  5. Home - All hidden in my closet with boxes stacked everywhere. It makes me happy to open my closet to see all those dustbags waiting for me to open.. LOL.

    Car - On the seat next to me. If I have a passenger, I put it underneath the tray thing, since I have the collapsible kind usually found in SUVs and vans..

    Work - I don't work. I would never bring my LV to school either.

    Shopping - I always carry it. It's either in my hand or lap. My bags can never come in contact with the floor or tables.
  6. ^^^^^^^^^ita these bags are precious....it grosses me out when girls put their bags on the floor...uhhhhhh i can't stand that!!!!!!
  7. In my car they are usually either on the seat next to me or between the seats.

    Here they are when they are not being used while at home.

  8. Home: On a bookshelf
    Car: In my lap or in the seat next to me
    Work: On the desk
  9. Home: I put it in my desk, the ones that I like to see everyday (Monogramouflage, SC and Graffiti) are in a special bookshelf, the rest in dustbags in my closet.

    Car: Backseat.

    College: Just grab an empty chair and put my bag there. hahaha
  10. Home: last bag used is usually on the dinning room table or behind it on the floor (blocked off from toddler & weimaraner by two baby gates). The rest of my LV items that are not in use are stored on shelves in my closet in their dustbags. A few are also inside their boxes.

    Car: Unoccupied, in the passenger seat, occupied behind my 2 year old's car seat on the floor of the second row. He is still rearfacing, so it makes a nice little safe spot for my things. When I'm in a friend or relatives car I keep my bags on my lap unless they're too big.

    Work: see home, since I don't :smile:

    Shopping: always on my arm or shoulder. My kids don't even ride directly inside shopping carts, ack.
  11. Home: I keep her on my purse hook that my hubby hung up for me on my wall

    Car: she is usually always on my front seat next to me, unless the hubby is in the car then she goes in the back on the rear seat.

    Shopping: either on my arm or I wipe down the shopping cart child seat area and then place her in there.

    Movie Theater: I usually have her next to me on the seat next to me, or if the movie theater is packed I will have her in my lap the whole time I WILL NOT PLACE HER ON THE FLOOR EVER!!

    lol I am very anal about my bags and I guess you could say I am a big germofobic, read lots of articles on how the bottoms are so dirty because women place their handbags on the ground YUCK!!!
  12. home: in my room, in my closet, top shelf, inside dustbags.

    car: on my lap always or on an empty passenger seat.

    work: i don't work so can't answer that question.

    shopping: on my shoulder or the crook of my arm, sometimes on the shopping cart but rarely.

    elsewhere: never on the ground. I treasure all my babies.
  13. home: i put the bag I'm using on a chair in my bdrm, next to my dressing table... the rest is in their dust bags in the wardrobe

    car: front passenger or back seat.. never on floor, I have an old lv box in the trunk that I put it in if I have full passenger capacity!

    work: under my desk there's a shelf on the side that used to be where the computer tower sits, but my new comp has a bigger tower that doesn't fit.. so now it's my handbag shelf :biggrin:

    shopping: kid's seat in the trolley if it's a handheld and i'm grocery shopping.. shoulder bag I normally just keep it on me...
  14. Home: Bag in use, stays in my bedroom. The others in my bag closet.

    Car: Either on the seat next to me or on my lap if I'm the passenger.

    Work: I'm a SAHM most of the week except 1 day. Sometimes, I leave my bag at home other times, it's sitting on something like a folder on the floor next to my desk. Sometimes, I'll lock it in a closet on a shelf if I'm not spending much time in my office.

    Shopping: I carry it.
  15. Home - I have, what I dubbed a "purse area" where I keep 2-3 bags that I switch out until I stop being lazy to put them away.

    Car - Passenger seat or ON THE FLOOR, yes, I said it, ON THE FLOOR. Sometimes you have to make room for people and my bags are just fine.

    Work - In a chair next to my desk.

    Shop - Mostly carry my bags or put it in the actual cart. Never in the part where the kids sit :yucky: