Where do you keep your handbags???

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  1. I have no idea where to keep my handbags. There's not enough room. Right now, they're in a bin on top of my hair straighteners and dryers and stuff because there's no room to put them anywhere. Where do you keep your handbags, and is there anything that is specially made to keep them in???
  2. When my father moved to a new house I had to go from a HUGE walk in closet to a tiny little mess of a closet. I had my father build me shelves in a corner of my closet and now I keep all of my purses in 2 of the shelves. My aunt also has a small cabinet she keeps her purses in...
  3. I keep my bags in their dustbags on special hooks in my walk-in closet.

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  4. I have them in plastic mini-cupboards that stack on top of each other. They are labeled with the bags that they contain, and all of the bags are inside of their dustbags, too. That way I can quickly glance at the box and know where the bag is that I want-since they are labeled w/the contents!:rolleyes:
  5. My ball and chain built me a walk in closet because he just couldn't take it anymore! :wtf:

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  6. I have closet spacing similar to MissNovember's up there. I will just keep them in their dustbags on one of the shelves.
  7. I have a big shelf in the tops of my closets, so I arrange them up there in their dustbags. Clutches are nicely arranged in a bigger bag to keep them in good repair. Nothing is worse than looking for a bag and not being able to find it!
  8. I have some plain rectangular shelving units from Ikea in the back of my closet, where I keep my bags. I use the dustbags, of course, and the ones that don't have them (my vintage, secondhand bags, for example) I stash in nice shopping bags.
  9. I keep them in their sleeping bags on the shelf in my closet. When I run out of space, I get rid of some bags.
    Easy and simple. That might sound harsh to some of you... I'm a minimalist and don't want a lot of bags. I use the same rule with my bags as I do with my clothes: if I haven't used it in 2 years, I get rid of it. In this way, my collection ever evolves, everything gets used and loved.
  10. I have so few! I have one CLAVA vachetta tote that Im carrying now, as well as a Dooney All-Weather-Leather compartment bag (medium saddle) and a 6 year old nylon bag from old navy that bears bizarre resemblance to a Prada nylon bag. My dooney is hanging off the back of my bedroom door on the "robe hook" as is the Old Navy one. The Clava is on my desk chair most of the time since that's my "dumping ground" in and out.

    I don't have many bags yet.
  11. i was having the same problem!! there is another thread on this from a few weeks ago with tons of ideas and pictures, try doing a search for more ideas! :smile:
  12. I keep mine a wooden chest the is at the end of my bed
  13. I keep mine on the top shelf of my closet (which can't be reached unless I stand on a stool). So obviously I keep the stool next to the shelf because I use it every day. :P

  14. I do the same thing.
  15. I use hanging canvas organizers that are made for sweaters; can hang as many as you need - each hanging unit has a column of 6 compartments. This of course is on;y practical if you have tha hanging room in a closet.
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