Where do you keep your clothes which have been worn once,

  1. but are not yet ready to be washed/dry cleaned?

    For instance I know many of us premium jeans lovers wear them more than once before washing them. In fact, I sat in on an internal meeting where the past CEO of Gap was giving a short talk and he recommended not washing jeans after every wear, and he was just talking about Gap jeans. (he also recommended washing them inside out in cold water). My friend even hand washes them!!

    Also, I wear my cashmere sweaters more than once before sending them to the dry cleaners.

    Unfortunately, I’m slightly OCD, so I don’t like the thought of my jeans/sweaters which have been worn being stored where I keep my washed/cleaned clothes – yes, I’m a freak :yes: . So they end up being slung over chairs, sofas, etc, making a big ole mess.

    What do you do??? Do you just put them back in with your completely clean clothes (DH does this) or do you have a different solution? Help!
  2. Omg, my jean issues!....I wear my jeans once and then need them to look exactly like they did when I bought them so I have them washed in cold water inside out by hand. then hung to dry, then ironed. I have learned my lesson to NEVER put them in the dryer. They just don't feel like they are just bought after they have been in a dryer.

    I also wear my cashmere many times:shame: before I have them cleaned.I wear a really thin T-shirt underneath made by "dim". I must have 20 "dim" T-****s.
  3. I have a separate part of my closet that is for clothes that I've worn before, but aren't ready to be washed. I do this partly because I don't want them to mix in with my clean-never-worn-since-washing clothes and partly because it helps me keep track of when they will need to be washed. You could also get a large hamper or basket and keep it in your closet for the clothes that aren't ready to be washed.
  4. I send everything to the dry cleaner..even just to be pressed.I dont even own an iron!!LOL! ESPECIALLY my jeans.they come out great that way!
  5. Yup, dryers are a big no-no. I'd love to have my jeans look as good as the day I bought them, but I'm way too lazy to hand wash. Though I have to say that your jeans look amazing in your bag showcase shots, so you must be doing it right!! Maybe I'll try handwashing my fav pair of Paiges.

    And thanks for the tip re "dim" t-shirts. I'll be sure to check them out.
  6. PS- yes..My clothes do end up in a big pile on my triple dresser..it SOOOO irritates my PHH!!LOL!
  7. I guess I am a bit more OCD.. i wash everything after I wear something.. i mean, with the exception of jackets....then again, I dont wear jeans.. i only wear slacks now..
  8. Ooh, that's a really good idea! THANKS!! I'll have to see if I can re-org my closet.

    Keep those ideas coming!!!
  9. Same here, except the piles aren't limited to one area.

    That's why I'm trying to find a new solution.... Maybe if I succeed, I can persuade DH to reward me with a new bag :lol:
  10. I'm a bit OCD, but I'm also kinda lazy as well, so have to compromise somewhere :lol: .
  11. In a separate (basically empty) closet. I think about water usage if they're not dirty and just worn. :idea:
  12. they end up slung on my bedroom's sofa....there's a mess around my room....
    can't stand mixing clean chlotes with the worn ones...:shame:
  13. hhahah.. same here.! i hate mixing clean and worn clothes!!

    they usually end up on the end of my bed (they don't fall off since i'm a pretty calm sleeper haha)

    but the idea of keeping a separate closet for these clothes is good too! where am i going to find a space though? how about tshirts and clothes that need to be folded?? AHjHH
  14. I have 2 walk in closets... One for completely clean clothes and the other one for clothes that have been worn but not ready for drycleaned or washed
  15. Mine had a spot in the room when I drape it over. I wish I had a better system.