Where do you keep your bags?

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  1. How do you store your handbags? Do you keep them in their dustbags? Are they lined up on a shelf or tucked into a drawer?
  2. Mine are stuffed in the wardrobe for now.:sad2:
    But my husband just got me a custom closet, so I should have plenty of room in there!!!:biggrin:
  3. Mine are in their dustbags and lined up on a high closet shelf.
  4. I also keep my bags in their dustbag.
  5. Mine are in the original dustbags or pillowcases( if a dustbag wasn't given with it) and then tucked in one of three pillowcase lined drawers :smile:
  6. Mine are in a large box in my closet (in dustbags)
  7. Mine sit in their "sleeper" on the bottom of my shirt cupboard but if I keep buying like this it is going to too small very soon.
  8. Most sit in their dustbags, and on 2 shelves in my shoebox-sized closet.
  9. i don't have a place for mine, sadly :sad: they're just in their dustbags wherever...
  10. Mine are in their dust bags and original gift boxes. I get super annoyed when they don't provide a box. I usually don't buy a bag without a box. It's hard to store the bags and protect their shapes without a box. :lol:
  11. I have them inside their dust bags inside my closet
  12. I used to keep mine in their dust bags, but then I foget what bags I have!!!:lol:
  13. I've never even been offered a box for any of my top designer bags!!! I think it's great to have the protection but that must take up a ton of space - and doesn't leather need some breathing room? or am I thinking of lettuce?
  14. Lined up along the top shelf of my closet.
  15. This may sound insane but I thought of clearing my kitchen cupboards and lining them up nicely there.
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