Where do you keep your bags?

ILoveCoach said:
How do you guys keep all your bags and where? I am running out of space in my closet and need some help! :amazed:

Funny you should ask....I spent all day rearranging my closet so that all my bags are stuffed and get some space instead of being squished in a rubbermaid carton. :cry:

Hubby said that I should get a curio for the DINING room and display my collection. NOT! lol

I am going to have more shelves put in, as the one shelf that lines my closet now has space to fit one more shelf above it.

The ones that I don't use, and probably won't use in my rotation were put back into the container on the floor of my closet. They are all now stuffed with tissue paper and each in their own respective sleepers with ample breathing room around each one....

I found myself talking to them last night as I was putting them away.:blink:
Bjara said:
I found myself talking to them last night as I was putting them away.:blink:

:lol: I'm SO glad I'm not the only one.. It's like "come here little Louis, I'm going to put you away for the night" :shame:

ooooh man, this purse blog is good for my sanity.. I think :blink:
Yep - I too am running out of space. They are lined on shelves on my closet; but, my sweaters are competing for shelf space.

I actually thought of getting a curio in my bdrm for my bags - not to sound silly (okay to late for that) but the point being that then I could see them and would be forced to rotate them more often. When they are sitting in their dustbags I tend to not disturb them.
This photo was taken about 6 - 7 months ago and I have brought many more bags since - but this is one side of my bedroom and the other side is also completely full aswell LOL :love:


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I use the shelves in my closets, as well as a cloth sweater bag. I have an extremely small closet, so some creative organizing is at hand. When I finally buy my first house (hopefully this year), more closet space is a must!
I also squish them into a gigantic bucket I bought for 7 bucks at Home Depot.......If anyone only knew the amount of money sitting in that Red Plastic Bucket....... and I also talk to them.......unfortunately for the man who will one day marry my daughter I gave birth to a "mini-me"...her bags are so gorgeous that I am actually jealolus!!!! and I have not seen them anywhere......of course we only have two stores that sell designer bags ...........Holt Renfrew and Ogilvy's (in a city like Montreal its a shame)
Yesterday for some reason I got inspired to organize my bags. I suppose it might have been the big pile of bags in the bottom of my closet and the annoying wasted space on the top of my closet. So off we went to the Container Store. I got a couple of nice expandable wire racks to go on top of my top shelf. So now my clothes are underneath the racks and my bags are standing up on the top of them. I also got a bigger taller version for the floor of my closet. What I really need to do is get rid of some of the junk. I just know I don't really like some of it anymore and probably won't use it. I'm way too much of a packrat :sad: