Where do you keep your bag at work?


Jun 1, 2014
Hi Ladies!

I've always been curious about how and where people keep their bags while in the office. Some people around my office are very liberal about leaving their designer goodies laying around on their desks, while others are more diligent and lock it up.

What do you do?


Jul 16, 2016
We sit in an open plan office. I just leave my bag under the table. But I don't usually take any Chanels to work. I've seen several colleagues leave their Pradas and LVs under their desks, haven't heard of any issues.


Apr 15, 2015
Sunny Florida
I have a private office as well and carry two bags into work nearly every day...a purse and a Gucci tote to carry heels (I wear flats in) and any lunch/snacks for the day. My purse always goes in a designated desk drawer (which does have a lock, but I never lock it) and my tote goes on the floor (I know...THE HORROR! LOL) under my desk. Support staff work in open cubicles and I've seen them leave their purses underneath or on their desks (contemporary designers though, not CC or LV) and we've never had any issues with things going missing during business hours, but I heard there were some issues a while back with the cleaning crew possibly lifting stuff (high end pens, etc.) after hours, so I wouldn't leave anything valuable. I probably wouldn't carry my Chanels to the office if I worked in a cubicle or open office plan.
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Apr 24, 2009
I dont bring my chanels to my office since its an open space, just slgs. For other bag that is less recognisable, i usually just put on my table when I'm there, and lock her up in drawer when I am not around.


Jun 1, 2014
Thanks for all the insight! I work in consulting so I'm barely in my actual office. Depending on assignment, I can be at a client's office where it's hoteling, open cubicles or once in an old closet with a desk. I rotate between my executive tote and Prada Saffiano Tote - always keeping the logo turned towards me. This way, to the untrained eye, it looks like an ordinary black tote.

I wanted to weight my options before asking for a more secure desk/drawer. I don't want to draw attention to myself.


Apr 10, 2017
I keep it by my desk (See picture). Working in a place with mostly men helps, because men are in general quite brand oblivious :b. I'm working toward having my own office so to catch up with you ladies! Try not to care about what others think about you, there was a long period where I refrain from bringing my Chanel to work because I was afraid people at work will view me in negative light (e.g. "she is getting paid too much" etc.) However, as I spend a lot of time working, I realise I'll never use my Chanel unless I engage with it day to day. So despite all the whistles and stares, I have been bringing it to work on a daily basis, and it gives me a lot of joys :smile:

The benefit of putting it next to me at work is that whenever I feel stressed I just turn around and look at my Chanel - and all problems go away. It's incredibly therapeutic !



Feb 27, 2007
Austin, Texas
I work in a school (I sub at the same school at least 15 days a month) and I just leave my bag somewhere near a desk. I have brought my GST in, but I usually bring in my Celine Mini Luggage since it is 6 years old and I am not bummed if it gets scratched or accidentally kicked my kids. Having said that, the day I ran out of time to change bags in the morning and brought my Birkin in, I wrapped it in a towel and hid it in a closet and eyed the closet nervously all day :biggrin:


Sep 4, 2014
Swarthmore, PA
I'm in a corner of the building that doesn't get many people walking by (thankfully) I've got a cubical but it has 6 locking drawers/doors where I keep my bag, never has an issue thankfully
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Mar 26, 2015
i have a private office without a door and a gigantic u-shaped desk. i put it on the desk off to the side and just leave it there, even if i walk away from my office. i don't really take efforts to lock it up. i always turn the bag so the cc's are facing away from the door frame though, my small security measure, lol


Feb 12, 2014
I have a cubicle, and leave my bag unlocked in my cube. There are lots of "eyes" in my dept watching- if anyone was in my cube/didn't belong there they would be seen. We do also have overhead cameras for security.
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terri w

Dec 20, 2016
I use my GST to work and it sits under my desk but in-between me and the person next to me. The floor is generally safe enough.

Brought in my flap one time to show someone who asked to see it. That was kept in my locker!