Where do you keep/hide your orange boxes?

  1. Are you running out of closet space?

    And do you always keep your H bags in their respective boxes or put them out loose or just place them casually in your closet?

    Do you religiously check your bags before putting them back into their respective boxes, assuming that the bags all go back to their boxes?
  2. The boxes are great for out of season clothing! (and things I do not want to look at!):lol:
  3. Oh man I ran out of closet space so fast!!! I store them in my garage now. I can't seem to get rid of them!!! I store my bags upright in the felt bags on my closet shelf's. They look so pretty!
  4. I keep mine in their boxes....just like the day they came home!
  5. So they are just in their keeper felt bags, and you have chucked out the boxes to the garage? Without the boxes, the bags are less conspicuous, I think.
  6. unless someone looks into your garage..then they're very conspicuous.
  7. I keep mine in their boxes, just like when I got them. I need to figure something else out, though, because I'm running out of space so fast, and there's no way I can accommodate another one now. It's quite a feat to pull anything out of there!
  8. For the ones I use often, they are lined up on a shelf with an old pair of jeans lining the shelf so I don't scuff the feet; their boxes and others not often used are stored in a row of orange boxes on the top shelf of my closet.
  9. that would look pretty, orchids, with htem all in a row along the top!
  10. I don't care for that, I want them right there where I can see them. No one see's them but me. I have no time to be fighting with boxes when I'm running out the door in the morning for work with 2 kids and a large cup of coffee. Besides, my SA has advised me not to keep my bags in the boxes.
  11. I love my orange boxes....:shame: I have my bags inside their sleepers lined up on the top shelf of my closet. Then I have an armoire and inside I store the empty boxes, my Croc in her sleeper, all my accessories (Hermes and non-Hermes), my underware, a framed 1940's Ad featuring a Kelly with a pair of gloves and the Paddock scarf, a ceramic box made in Deruta, my jewelery box and all my empty scarf boxes. Only my vintage scarves are stored in their boxes...all other scarves are stored folded inside plastic zip envelopes. My Trim and my Kelly Elan are the only bags I keep stored in their sleepers inside their boxes and that's because I don't use those bags as much as the others. These are also in the Armoire.

    My armoire gets a work out.....I love to open the doors and see all those orange boxes!!!!:love:
  12. ^^shopmom, that sounds heavenly! I can just picture it, opening up that armoire, nearly like looking toward the sun.
  13. Shopmom411, it sounds like handbag heaven in that armoire! :drool: The only orange box I have is a scarf box.:crybaby: Maybe one day I'll have one handbag box.:s
  14. don't look directly at it or you'll go blind!!:lol:

    pursemama - you'll have an H bag one day for sure!!!!:flowers:
  15. goodness - the boxes are scattered all over my house! the only thing that i store in them are the scarves. the bags are kept in their sleepers which are not in the boxes. i was instructed to do so to avoid the leather from drying out. they can "breathe" through the sleeper bags but not the cardboard boxes.