Where do you have a leather bag professionally cleaned?

  1. I have a leather bag that has a small blemish on it. It looks like a wax spot in the leather. I think it could be removed by a professional but I am not sure where to go?

    A Tailor? Any suggestions?
    mj blemish.jpg
  2. Virgo, Where do you live? Your bag should go to a local "leather expert"...

    In Orange County, CA, retailers typically use Factotum Leather or De Luxe Shoe Repair for out-of-house servicing.
  3. I live in the Phila area. Not sure how I find a local leather expert.

    Are "Factotum Leather" and "De Luxe Shoe Repair" products or stores?
  4. They are stores in Newport Beach. You might call or stop by your local NM (or another higher-end retailer) and ask an SA in the shoe or handbag department where they send merchandise for alterations, repairs, etc.