1. I just got my gorgy speedy graffiti in khaki and was wondering if you attach the key(s) to the padlock with the little spring thingey, or just have the padlock hanging alone and the key(s) inside the bag (or stored anywere else)? love the look of a key dangling from the lock, on that little circle thing, but am afraid it will fall off..............:hrmm:

    so what do you all do? :flowers:
  2. I have the same question. Today is the first day that I have used my patchwork speedy, and I wondered the same thing this morning. I took the keys out of the lock since I think that they will fall out. I have the lock attached to the zipper pull.
  3. I love the look of the keys hanging but didn't want to lose them so I keep them in my jewlery box. I keep the lock on there locked.
  4. So many threads on this.
    Anyway, mine are hooked on the d ring inside the bag.
  5. my keys hang on the D-ring inside the purse.
  6. i attached my keys to the zipper pull...so far im loving it!!

    my lock is attached to the normal spot on the side and whenever i move it makes the cutest clinking sound :smile:
  7. I have my keys in my jewelry box.
  8. With the lock, hanging off the tab.
  9. same here :yes:
  10. I've decided to keep my lock and keys at home today.
  11. I used to keep mine in the insode pocket, and i lost em damn keys!
  12. I have a keepall-at first I just put the lock on one of the zippers and then let the key hang at the end of it, but one day I looked down and it was nearly hanging on. I took the lock and key out and just put them in a little baggy in the bag until I got home. They stay in the box my wallet came in for now until I need them
  13. I always take off the lock+keys, as I hate how after time it starts to rub off on the leather.
  14. keys stay inside the bag on the d ring. otherwise, on a separate key ring in my house...
  15. does the colour of the key will fade out?