Where do you guys get your bags?

  1. Ok, I think I've officially fallen in love. I'm going to Vegas in April and saving up a ton of money to go shopping. Is there any where in Vegas to buy a bbag? Where do you guys buy your bags?:love:
  2. I have bought all mine from either eBay(from members) and Bal NY - no tax and Free Shipping
  3. Neiman's, Bal NY, eBay, Balenciaga Forum Member (does that still exist- that was/is dudeiloveyou's group ??)
  4. No Vegas listed :sad: and I go to Vegas all of the time and haven't noticed any being sold anywhere. Have fun though!
  5. eBay, Bal NY, Paris and Singapore, Harrods London.
  6. Bal NY
  7. BalNY, eBay, and Harvey Nichols
  8. For Vegas, I would try NM (might want to call first). I've also heard that Talulah G sell Balenciagas, but I haven't visited the store in person.

    La Boutique Talulah G Las Vegas
  9. NM told me they were the only place in Vegas that sells retail....they seem to have a lot of bags though:yes:
  10. Ordered mine from Aloharag
  11. Neiman Marcus. They have a more lenient return/exchange policy. The downside is that they are not as aware of the collections they will be getting. So they will say they won't get something so you buy something else, you stop by the next week and you'll see that they are now carrying what you originally wanted to buy...

    not like i'm bitter about that or anything :sweatdrop:
  12. balNYC and eBay for older bbags
  13. Same here. :smile: