Where do you go when you handbags need repaired?

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  1. I was wondering for the contemporary and premier designers handbags, where do you go when they need to be repaired? For example a broken strap, zipper etc? I have been sticking with LV because it is easy to send my items in for repair but I want to venture out to other brands too. Any suggestions?
  2. I"m new, first post and I would like to know the answer to this question also.:smile:
  3. It would really depend on the repair. I live in a small town, and utilize the services of a leather repair person. He can re-dye and re-attach loose handles and fix zippers. Anything else, I have no way to fix other than contacting manufacturer. So, I think it really depends on where you live + how much of an investment the bag was.
  4. It really does depend on where you reside because I am having trouble getting my LV cleaned at the moment and I am so scared to try it myself but I may have too, I started a thread hoping for some advice and nothing yet but the hope is still alive! I do like many others use a local leather shop for repairs on leather and such and they are really good! I will try the LV boutique maybe they will clean her up for me cause it really doesn't need repair just a cleaning! I will call them and see about it! Best of luck on your repairs, I hope you find someone soon!
  5. almost all premier and contemporary designers will be able to take in authentic bags bought from their brand for repairs, usually for a fee. If they're not designer it's harder to say, depending on the damage you might be able to repair it yourself. Having said that, one of the studs on one of my synthetic leather bags I got from Warehouse came off and when I brought it back to the store, they asked me to e-mail their Customer Service department who send me a return postage label and sent me a replacement bag free of charge
  6. i know that Jeeves - luxury drycleaner now offers bag repairing services for the London market.. elseiwise i don't know. Also meaning to ask if someone knows where they dye leather handbags for you in london if someone knows please share, thanks
  7. The best place in LA is Pasquale's. I won't take my leather goods anywhere else. They will care for leather purses as well as shoes, belts, etc.
  8. Since I've lost my receipt, I was wondering where I could go to get a bag fixed! Thanks!
  9. Ask at your favorite shopping store ( Saks, NM, etc.) where they recommend for shoes and or bags to be repaired. I got a great referral from my shoe person at NM.

    A good shoe repair person is worth their weight in leather and then some. I had a cat eat the strap on my brand new Judith Lieber shoes (long story) and he repaired it so you could not even tell anything had happened. :smile:
  10. I Live in NYC and use Modern Leather Goods. They are authorized and recommended by all the major designers. I think their website is modernleathergoods.com Their work is incredible repairing & cleaning. I have been a customer for over 10 years. There are plenty of places to choose from in Manhattan and these guys are the best
  11. Dear Ladies,

    I m new to purse forum but would like to share the experience with a bag repair store in Far East Plaza to repair the zipper of a Gucci bag. Was informed that the shop was around for 10 years with great support from loyal customers.
    The store assistance was nice and will be updating the feedback once I collect the bag next weekend. :smile:

  12. I have sent designer bags to Art Bag in NYC. Excellent work, fast and the price was fair.
  13. I was told by a SA at Nordies that they only repair bags that were purchased from them. BagBorroworSteal will also do repairs but you have to send the bag to them for a quote (not sure how I feel about that, or how good their repairs are).
  14. I know Kate Spade recommends a specific business on their website that would probably be a good resource for other brands. I've heard good things about ArtBag too.
  15. Well, the strap broke on my D&G Emy bag tonight. The only CS # I could find was for the online store so I went ahead and called the D&G Boutique at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, that's where I bought it 4 yrs ago.

    The gentleman who answered the phone was nice and polite, but he essentially said I would have to pay the all the shipping and the cost for the repairs. Wow, not feeling the love at all from D&G! From wah I understand, a lot of luxury brands handle these types of issues for free.

    Has anyone had a similar (or BETTER) experience dealing with D&G? Must say, Im pretty dissapointed that they're not doing right by their customer. I have "Non-Designer" handbags that have held up better than this!

    Pissed and would love to get some feedback on this.