Where do you get your wedding dress at?

Apr 17, 2012
where did you get your wedding dress at? For my future references, it will help to look for " dream wedding dress"
I found Nordstrom has few but in store only
I also found few people I know that some of them rent their wedding dress.
Would you prefer rent or buy ?
Thank you


In the Shadows
Jun 24, 2007
Well, I will have been married 16 years this July so not sure of my opinion counts but... I bought mine at a wedding boutique here in the Bay Area.

I loved my dress and don't regret the money spent but looking back now I think if renting was an option I might go for it. I now have a $3500 dress sitting under my bed that may never see the light of day again.

Alterations would make renting though. You really want it to fit perfectly. And there there is the fun of going to try on dresses etc.

Ok, I am of no help! The "wisdom" in me says not to spend too much on the dress but if it is something that you are really looking to forward then don't compromise. Everyone has different priorities. ( I really wanted beautiful chair covers so I held back on the flowers.)


Dec 29, 2007
My mother made my dress, she sewed, she had learned in school, because that is what girls did, but when I went dress shopping i wanted a dress without a bead, sequin or lace, couldn't find one, so to the horror of wedding dress shop owner my mother discussed making it, and it was simple and beautiful what I wanted

On another note, my niece rented hers


Jan 19, 2014
Got mine at David's bridal. There are a ton at every price point. I was shooting for under $1k (dress, alterations, veil, and shoes), and there are many options even under $200 if you're budget conscious. Sure it's kind of like a Walmart lol but I like to have many choices. Hubby bought a new suit and new pair of shoes, also budgeting under $1k for it all. Since we both bought, I think for guys buying is probably ideal since they can many occasions to wear a nice suit and shoes. Would I have rented, maybe, but if you have to total up everything you have to get on top of just the dress alone you might be break even.


IG @goddess_kris112
Apr 25, 2013
I definitely recommend visiting a bridal boutique even if you end up purchasing your dress elsewhere. I lived in NYC when I got married so I went a couple of different bridal boutiques in person to try on dresses. I ended up falling in love with a dress that I tried on in person and then finding the same dress for less than half the price online.

Other than that, a lot of different stores carry bridal gowns these days. Many department stores will have a bridal boutique in their stores, even if they don't sell wedding dresses on their website. TJ Maxx right now has a few beautiful gowns, a couple from Theia, that would make beautiful wedding dresses.


Jan 20, 2009
Bought mine at a local bridal shop in my city. I had seen a one shoulder dress on the cover of a wedding magazine and they had it :smile: tried on 2 other dresses to make my mom happy and then bought the one shoulder I had seen on the cover. Loved it and even though its boxed up, its a beautiful memory for me. Best wishes :smile:


May 7, 2008
I went to a small boutique in Georgetown. They were small but had a good selection of designer gowns that I liked. I would have preferred to get my Amsale at the flagship in NYC but the thought of going there for multiple fittings didn't appeal to me LOL. I'd do a quick yelp search for bridal stores within your areas. I love supporting mom and pop shops.
Aug 14, 2006
My first wedding I got it custom made for wayyyy too much money. Ended up selling it after the divorce for a couple of hundred... beautiful dress but giant waste of money.

Second wedding, I got it at David's Bridal for $699


Aug 7, 2008
my sister got married last year and bought her dress from kleinfield's sale (I think it's annual or maybe twice a year). I went with her, and it really wasn't as hectic of an ordeal as I had imagined it being. the discounts were good, and the dresses are organized by price category. the staff was attentive, but of course it's not as personalized and luxurious as a private appointment. I think my sister saved about 50% or more.