Where do you get your jewelry? Post info

  1. ^^^
    thanks for the tips. i just spent an hour drooling over all the jewelry :p
  2. Well...I get my jewelry from...ME! HAHAHAHA :roflmfao:

    But seriously... before I found this forum I never really thought about buying jewelry from other places (before I made it). We got several pieces from the Shane Company but that's probably not very ritzy. But I love my simple pearl necklace and earrings my mom got me for my wedding from there. :smile:

    There are some amazing and talented designers on Etsy. I'm sure passerby can give us some tips...but I'll go find some of my favorites too. :p
  3. oh...and Neeya...I'm glad you shop on Ruby Lane! :smile: There are lots of talented designers there too. I have a shop there too!
  4. If I made things like you do, I'd only wear my own too! Very beautiful things! I have made a few things for myself (I strung 100" of white round jade with silver balls in between-I must remember what I was on and never do that again-took forever and a day but I adore it) I do double and triple twisted strands of mixed colored and shaped freshwater pearls, shells, etc and give them as gifts.
  5. ROFL Brodies...that is too funny! Sometimes just strining one long single strand can be super dull. :smile:

    And Thank You!!! I love making jewelry. I had to start selling it because I can't wear every piece (I make way too many times!!) that I make. And I ran out of people to give pieces away. :smile:

    Another one of my favorite designers though is Amy Peters' ... her work is really great. And she is an awesome person!

  6. ohh girls go to this website www.pricescope.com. this is very educational esp. wen it comes to bling! i thought i know a lot about about diamonds prior to being a member but only to find out that i am still in pre k level.