Where do you get your birth of modern luxury?

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  1. Okay, I know this is kinda dumb and slow... but..
    where did you get it?

    I searched for eBay and found the book selling for USD500..
  2. I am very slow too.

    I just got mine a few weeks ago on eBay for $375.
    which I think was low, considering it could go up and up and up.
    It was actually a charity for the LindaBlair Animal Foundation so that was good.

    good luck, you'll love it, I do.
  3. Yeh, it is sold out everywhere, if you're desperate to get it, that's probably the only route to take I'm afraid :crybaby:
  4. I recently got all mine from the Louis Vuitton boutique.
  5. ^ how much did you pay for it at the store
  6. I don't know who your referring to Cherr, but I paid $135.00 plus tax for four of the books in the boutique.
  7. thanks gianfranco, the ^ was reffering to your post
  8. My mom got mine the Christmas before last from the Neiman Marcus catalog for $125.
  9. Call 866...they should be available still for $135-ish.
  10. I saw one for $449 in Amazon.com
  11. $125 @ the LV store I paid
  12. I just saw one on Ebay I think the bidding ended at a little over $300
  13. I believe they are completely sold out. My SA searched for me last month and couldn't find anything in any store anywhere. I want one so bad, but I'm not willing to pay much more over store price.
  14. :wtf: I got the book when It first came out..... paying around $200 CAD on that..... I still saw a few sitting in the display case in Toronto location few months ago I think.....