Where do you get your Betsey Johnson bags?

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  1. I want to get a Betsy Johnson handbag but where do they sell Betsy Johnsons for a great deal? which websites? stores?
  2. I've seen a few in TJMaxx.
  3. Yup, T.J. Maxx has them, and for cheaper than retail ofcourse. You can also try *bay, but make sure you do good comparison shopping and don't get ripped off.
  4. Macy's has them.
  5. loehmann's
  6. Metropark stores/wesbite carry them too. Last time I went they were having a sale!
  7. I get mine at Betsey Johnson, lol
  8. I know theres a Betsey johnson outlet. you should check if the outlets close to you have them
  9. I also see them at TJ maxx and Marshalls all the time.
  10. hmm..not Betseyville, but Betsy Johnson handbags. I'm guessing that's her more upscale line.
  11. I've seen tons of Betsey Johnson bags at Loehmann's.

  12. te he he me too

    i can't wait for my vegas trip i want some new betsey jewelry