Where do you get your bags?

  1. I was just wondering where people on tpf get their bags..... where i live i have 3 LV's within 20 minutes of each other. but for people who dont live near an LV, where do you get yours? eluxury, call, or just wait until you can go to an LV?
  2. I search eBay like mad, and also look at let-trade quite often. But I don't mind pre-loved bags at all! I know some people would never buy a second hand LV, so more for me!
  3. Random eye-shopping on eBay.

    But I buy all my bags via the Store. ^^

  4. oh, yeah. let trade and ebay are good for Ltd ed bags. i got my cerises pochette from let trade
  5. In the UK vuitton.com just had a catalogue for yeaaars. I'm not sure when but you can buy online now so I do that since the closest boutique is London (around 3 hours away).
  6. Most of my bags are LE and waitlisted, so I get them from the store. I do occasionally find some on ebay also. I am not big on used bags, mainly because I am just really picky about everything, but sometimes I am happy with what I get from ebay.
  7. only store or 866
  8. Ebay and the store. I do love a good bargain :smile:
  9. ive bought all my bags in store...once i bought a bag off ebay and it was fake so now im scarred for life:shame:
    i live rite near a few stores too so that makes it easier to shop!!
  10. I buy all my LV stuff at the store:smile:.
  11. i live far from a store but i can buy online in the UK. or when im away if theres an LV i visit it.
  12. i've gotten all my bags at the store with the exception of 1 purchase on elux. i'm afraid of ebay with all the scammers out there. especially since i'm no expert on real/fakes
  13. LV Copenhagen. Although Copenhagen is in Denmark and I live in Sweden its much closer to go there than to LV Stockholm. Crazy.

    I watch ebay sometimes, but I only bought from there when I lived in Canada. I'm sure I will buy from the site again when I move back. But I still look. And drool!
  14. I shop on ebay, local boutiques, and mail order from Hawaii.
  15. I buy my LVs from the store :smile: