Where do you get ready in the morning?

  1. So do you have a Vanity that you get ready at or do you stand in the bathroom? or maybe the dining room table? Where do you do your hair and makeup in the mornings?
    I stand in the bathroom but im thinking about getting a vanity.
  2. I've always wanted a vanity! My sisters had them when we were growing up, but I never did :hrmm:

    I stand at the bathroom counter to do my hair, but I do my makeup sitting on my bed. IDK why...
  3. I do my hair in the bathroom usually, because all of my leave in conditioners, brushes, hair masks, etc. are in the bathroom. I do my makeup at a vanity in my room though.
  4. I do my hair in the bathroom and my makeup in the living room.
  5. My bedroom is an open master suite with a large dual sink vanity and tons of counter space (very early 1980s, LOL). Fabulous counter and storage space, but not good lighting for me to do my makeup.

    Ever since college, I've always been obsessed with putting on makeup in natural daylight (assuming I was up late enough for natural daylight). So, I've always put on my foundation, powder, eye makeup, etc in a bedroom window using a handheld mirror. It's the only way I can really know for sure that I am blending my foundation adequately and not overdoing it anywhere. I even do this when I travel! Gotta find natural daylight...I simply cannot put on makeup in artificial light.
  6. since I live alone, I'm guilty of getting ready in my living room... my products end up spread all over the house. :push:

    it's just that I like to watch my morning shows so I've got to be near the tv :p
  7. ^
    I agree daylight is the best, but I usually do make up in fron t of the mirror in my bedroom or bathroom .
  8. in the bathroom usually but sometimes i do it in the loft where the tv is ( i like to watch the weather in the morning while i'm getting ready so i can dress appropiately ).
  9. The only thing I do in the bathroom is brush my teeth and wash my face. I do my hair and makeup in my bedroom because I keep all my supplies in the closet and I have a sliding mirror door.
  10. i do my hair in the bathroom
    and my makeup on my bed..
    i need a vanity table!
  11. Usually in the bathroom, but sometimes in the living room and sometimes in my mom's bed. (it's the comfiest in the house!)
  12. I do the bathroom since its well lit and super bright.

    i use to be a dancer, so putting on makeup in very light brights are a habit for me.
  13. In my bathroom... here is a blurry picture. I have a little vanity table with a stool in front of a huge mirror. I keep my makeup next to the vanity in rolling storage bins.

  14. I'm also a bathroom hog. :shame:
  15. I do my hair in the bathroom and also apply my moisturizer and lotion there. I do my makeup and dressing in the bedroom.