Where do you get previous season Bbags from???

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  1. Hi all! Well Im looking for my first Bbag and tbh none of the colours that are out now have caught my eye, i like the natural but not for my first.
    So I was wondering, where does everyone get the previous seasons colours from? I have been scanning ebay but theres nothing, i mean theres not a lot of choice either! I would love a cornflower blue, aqua, FB anything in the blues really for my first Bbag:drool:
    So i was just wondering, wher do you get them from?!
    Thanks everyone!:heart: Luva
  2. Ebay or resale sites like annsfabulousfinds.com or realdealcollection.com are really your only choice for past season bags. You have to be patient sometimes but *everything* comes around eventually. But some of those you mentioned like Aqua or FB, you could still find in stores. I know there was some talk of the FB First not being available but I'm sure you could find an Aqua First for sure. Have fun in your decision and search! :yahoo:
  3. Hiya,

    I'm afraid that Ebay really is the best bet. There isn't alot on there at the moment but just keep watching. :smile:
  4. I got my brand new Cornflower bag from BalNY. So, there are still some previous season bags out there. I would suggest you call them and see what they have before resorting to ebay.
  5. Hi, you can also try aloharag as well. But try calling around, BalNY or perhaps a neimans might have some in stock!
  6. I think you can also try ShiRise in Chicago I think.
  7. thanks everyone! Im in the UK so it makes it harder! xx
  8. I was just going to write what Glimmer said!:tup: I think styledrops.com often has previous season bags but does not label them correctly-they are authentic though and ship to the UK! Good luck with your search, Luva Pug!:yes:
  9. I found my AG First on eBay.
  10. sometimes NM has old ones in the back but you need a good SA to really hunt them down......today the girl had a Bordeaux work ( at least i think it was bordeaux)
  11. Aloharag tends to order them in bulk so they tend to have bags left over from previous seasons... i mean, they still have a few of the Box styles left and those were discontinued ages ago.... they would be a good bet! + you can't beat the free shipping! :yes: they're a real pleasure to deal with!
    i think there're still some FBs left around in the stores but like Glimmer said everything does come around eventually, i mean, there're just THAT many bbags right? but it won't be easy to find.. ESPECIALLY new ones...
  12. oh and did i mention that i just bought my dreambag the cornflower twiggy off ebay in mint condition??? :wlae: *brag brag brag* :P SHUT UP i'm not gonna get to do this for about 5 years so leave me alone...! hehehe...
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