Where do you get Luggage tags and How much are they?

  1. i was thinking about getting a luggage tag, or a mini luggage tag and getting it heat stamped after seeing that polka dot bag with one (TDF)
    but i cant find them on the vuitton site or eluxury. can you buy them?? and if so, how much are they??

    Thanks in advance you guys!:tup:
  2. Some bags come with them, like the deauville and the antiguas. They are also available at the boutiques, prices can range from $40 on up, from what I hear, depending on the size. You'd have to call to get a recent quote.
  3. You can get them at your local LV. The ones I bought were about 25 EUR a piece...Not that bad :smile:
  4. i think my small one was $37.
  5. anyone have pics of just their tags?? (that were purchased individually)
  6. Searched for this but couldn't find an answer and we all know the lv website doesn't work on apple products ;)
    So about how much is a Ebene luggage tag? Thanks so much!
  7. Hmm, I bought the smallest size (7 cm) earlier this month and it was 285 NOK for the Ebene leather. That's approx 49.50 USD per today's exchange rate...
  8. I think that the small tag is now $53 USD.
  9. Small is the "normal" size to put on speedy's and a neverfull right?
  10. $52 USD for 7.5 vachetta
    $53 USD for 7.5 ebene
  11. 7.5 is perfect for speedy
  12. I bought the 7cm a week ago in California and it was $55 plus tax
  13. The small size is the one i have in my avatar on my speedy 25. It also suits my speedy 30, nf mm and nf pm very well :smile:
  14. On march 18 my 7cm ebene was 53+tax in MD. Interesting to see different prices within the us totaling 56.18.

  15. Here's a pic from my reveal showing the entire bag. Speedy 25 DE w/ 7 cm lugguage tag. Hot stamp in red.

    There is a way to loop it through so it lies flat on a on the speedy, instead of sticking out to the side...