Where do you get leggings that stay in place?!?

  1. Hi! I love wearing leggings and have tried brand after brand but for some reason, I can't quite find ones that don't keep on slipping down and I feel stupid having to pull it up every 5 meters of walking. Please help!!!
  2. I own a pair from H&M,and I love them. The material is soft,they dont stretch that much. I purchased them in a size 4 ( I wear a 26 in jeans)
  3. the alice + olivia ones are great, a little pricey but i've heard they're one of the best on the market
  4. Thanks!!!

    Jadore-- the ones in H&M are tights-like or really thicker material?

    hfxshopgirl-- will research on those! Thanks!
  5. OMG! The Alice+Olivia ones go for $80-100 a pop... now I think that's pretty steep for leggings, I mean I'm not quite up to spending so much. Thanks though!
  6. I have James Perse and Juicy. They are wonderful.
  7. i have 2 pairs from Aritzia... they haven't failed me yet!
  8. i got a pair from lady footlocker and they are WONDERFUL!!!
  9. How about Spanx? I think they work pretty well....
  10. Aritzia
  11. If they slip down then the culprit is probably the size, not the brand. Try going up a size!
  12. ^^^^
    Agree with Raspberry.

    You could also find leggings with a thicker band that won't roll or slide. Juicy Couture makes pretty good ones for around $50.
  13. I think the issue is the sizing. If you're really thin, try a smaller size. If you're curvy, try a bigger size.
  14. Aritzia has them in XXS. i'm pretty tiny, and I need them in XS

    you might want to check them out if you're in Canada, or visiting soon :smile:
  15. I found the perfect ones! I'm not usre if you guys have heard of this brand-- Romeo & Juliet Couture?! and they fit wonderful, no slipping and perfectly seamless even under a tight tunic (though a little pricey for $60!)!!!

    Thanks for all the suggestions!!!