Where do you get 'em....Do you wait?

  1. Ok ladies - I've got a question. I want to see where y'all find your handbags. Do you buy them online? Do you buy them in-store? How about those of you who are buying really expensive bags - the LV's, Gucci's, YSL, Chloes, etc....Do you need to get them in person to feel comfortable with the purchase? :confused1:

    Then, do you wait until they're on sale, or do you buy them when you find them?
  2. I only buy instore if I just happen to be there and see something I really want; or if I can't find something online.

    That's because I like to inspect things at home and it's generally easier to return things to an online store by post, as they are set up for that.

    If I can't find something specific online I will generally call around the stores until I find it and then have it sent out to me.

    If I desperately want something and I think it will sell out, I will pay full price; but if I can live without it and/or I don't need it right away, I'll wait for the sales.

    When R-T-W bags were less expensive (although, still very expensive, of course!) I was more inclined to pay full price for them, but now they are so ridiculously expensive, I am far more likely to wait.
  3. I go to department stores to check out the really expensive bags and talk to the SA's about them and get other info. on the bags. Sometimes I walk in at the right time and find a sale. I like to wait for sales. Since the LV's or Chanel don't appeal to me (yet), I'm OK because they never go on sale.
  4. I am an online buyer - except LV, I have not enough knowledge to buy online.

    but all my bags were bought online, mostly eBay auctions but also eBay shops with the option to return. i refuse to pay retail except for items like LV, Chanel, Hermes but most other stuff you can find discounted or on sale - and I very very rarely buy bags of the moment for a lot of money.
  5. A bit of both... also sometimes on impulse.

    I bought my first Kooba on impulse... saw a fantasic deal at Sak Off Fifth and grabbed it.

    My Botkier Bombay Satchel I saw on line and fell in absolute love... I just had to have it. Of course, by then it was almost sold out. When I finally located it, I was ready to purchase online from a small boutique, and then I saw that the boutique was located here in my city! I called, asked them to hold it, and bought it that day.

    I've purchased plenty of coach items on line from coach.com.

    right now I'm eyeing a Black kooba Avery or Sloan and will probably buy them on line, and a red LV epi speedy, which I will definately buy on line at elux, because I detest paying sales tax.
  6. I buy some of my bags online, some on eBay and some at sales at Boutiques.
  7. I buy online, at boutiques and so far have only made one purchase without actually seeing IRL. I only have two bags that I paid full price for..LV Papillion and Speedy 35.
  8. I'm a Chanel fan and only buy in store as they do not sell online.
  9. EVERYWHERE - ebay, online, phone order. If you have it... I will come.

    Basically I find a purse that I love, and then go crazy trying to find it. If there's a sale, great! If not, oh well.

    I did run into a Chanel sale, once.
  10. I'm big on impulse when in store but on-line I'm able to wait and think about it. Since coming on this forum, I find a bag that I'm attracted to then another then another and pretty soon I can't remember which one I was hot for last!!! I think I have a thread going with 3 different bags to choose among (and they are only the ones I REMEMBER I like!!)
  11. I buy in store. I've bought a few online but I've ended up sending the back. Nothing like holding a bag in person and deciding if it works for you. I have yet to pay full retail for anything - I always wait.
  12. Thanks to TPF, I am shopping online more. I always check the sale threads and I have things authenticated as well. I feel much more confident purchasing on eBay now. I also purchase from the boutiques and retail stores' online sites.
  13. I buy in-store and on-line. I will wait for a sale, if it is a bag that I know will go on sale.
  14. I am an on-line person via two very trusted and highly recommended Hermes resellers plus other stores such as Browns, Matches and Net-a-Porter. I tend to use bricks and mortar stores for checking out bags IRL about which I am unsure but rarely buy there - dreadful isn't it?
  15. If it's discontinued, I have to find them online. If they are LV, gotta buy them in stores. Plus anything else that are impulse buying, i will get them from stores :smile: