Where do you get apple guard/ shining monkey from? UK

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  1. Hi LV lovers in the UK! I got my neo fuschia speedy yestreday and im too scared to take it out without protecting it!:p
    Where can you get apple guard or shining monkey from?! I searched google but nothing came up!
    Thanks for your help!!! xx
  2. i think shining monkey ship internationaly but its pricey. i used scoth guard on my pochette coz i use it for nights out and it worked nicely. iv started using it on everything and its reliable, if you can find a good cobbler they can do it for you.
  3. I've never seen it in the UK but I kinda nervous of using anything on them I baby wiped my speedy handles the other days & I checked like every 2 minutes! It did lift the dirt (one handles was darker than the other) but it has darkened them a little.

    just checked eBay for the apple guard or shining monkey there are none on.
  4. thanks girlies!!! I am going to buy some scotchgard from eBay today! im itching to take my neo out! xx
  5. I'm waiting for SM...................

    my Speedy's been eyeballing me for not taking it out and about!!!
  6. ^ lol! i just got some off eBay~ I want it to come now so i can take mine out on saturday!!! I think i will spray my damier as well, so they are both protected!
  7. For future reference, I usually buy all mine online. There are stores close that have it, but I just save myself the trip and get it hand delivered and boxed. lol
    I am in the US but it seems like there should be some websites selling it that would ship internationally or be UK based even. Maybe I'm wrong?