Where do you first meet new bags to lust after?

  1. Just curious. I honestly think some of the bags advertised in magazines are fugly, especially a lot of the trends advertised each season, and not all the bags I love are in the stores I frequent... I have NO idea where I first met a Chloe paddington, except the paddy led me to tPF and now it's all about tPF-discussed bags. :tup:

    EDIT: There was going to be a poll, but apparently I took too long to write it. So here were my poll options:

    1. Magazines/Ads: I want everything I see in Vogue
    2. Friends/Celebrities: I don't really realize how much I want a bag until I see it carried IRL
    3. Websites/shopping blogs (other than tPF): I constantly browse websites looking to see what's new/popular
    4. Shopping: I'm constantly shopping and looking for bags at the scene of the crime
    5. tPF: I never knew how much I NEEDED TO HAVE until I came here.
  2. I'd say #5
    i started viewing the tpf before i joined and it made me want more and more things. and there is such a wealth of information here about various bags i might not have considered or known about...

    i do like to see and touch them in person, though, to see how it fits me.
  3. Definitely TPF. It opens me up to many of the more lesser known handbag brands I might have never known about.

    I wouldn't know about half of this stuff if it wasn't for you girls!
  5. from sites like Saks, neiman, BG and of course TPF :p
  6. Definitely tPF! Also, Saks, NM, Bergdorf's, Barney's and ELux's websites. But honestly, mostly from these awesome, fashionable people here at tPF!
  7. Definitely tPF now - magazine ads are really hit or miss for me. Before tPF, I would just browse dept. store websites and eBay.
  8. Definitely tPF! I wouldn't have even known about a lot of the other websites I now frequent if it hadn't been for this place!
  9. I'm like you BlueGenes, I started off seeing the paddy somewhere (geez you had to be dead not to!) and then ended up here because I googled it trying to find out where to buy it. Then after collecting info and being scared off of ebay, I came back to chat...and chat...and chat....!
  10. That's how I feel too. I usually can't see myself wearing the bags in the pictures, but on tPF the bags become "real". KWIM?
  11. Definitely! I usually have 1 of 2 problems with mag ad pics - 1) there's nothing I could wear the bag with(or no occasion to carry it) that would even look good or 2) I can seem to find every bag that brand makes except for the "to die for" bag in the ad....what's up with that?
  12. Generally magazine ads and tPF. (I read wayyy too many magazines! Its all I do at work)
  13. For me its shopping! I don't really read megazines and I do internet shop but generally I love shopping in the stores!
  14. Internet shopping, in-store shopping, and TPF!
  15. In store shopping and internet shopping. 90% of my buys are in store inspired...