where do you find

  1. a fabulous deal on a brand new fur? a high end one?
  2. well i always buy my furs in summer as they are cheaper then but that does not help much now does it? lol
  3. ^^LOL i love to look at furs in summer too because of the sales but i need a new one...maybe sheared mink, a casual fur
  4. hmmm... it is really not a great time for furs at least in my areas or any winter clothes/items for the matter. I know that high end department stores have an occasional "winter sale" but for furs its quite a rare thing unless like "lilach" says during off seasons or when clearing inventory (fur styles usually last till the year's season is over, not like clothes when they do updates on their inventory every half-month/month).

    What about your "local" fur stores? Call their reps and have them keep touch as to when they have their sales.
  5. Generally speaking, you can't. From what I've seen, furs (and by furs, I mean furs sold at a fur salon or fur department in a department store, not designer boutiques) only go on sale at the end of the winter season. They are a little less expensive in the summer, but not drastically (most people buy furs then because often a fur coat is custom-made to your measurements, or there is at most a very minimal stock). You could comb through high-end vintage boutiques and consignment shops, or if you're really courageous and knowledgeable about furs, you could try online, those are your best bets for finding deals. Typically, someone who is selling a high-end fur knows what it's worth and isn't about to give someone a deal on it.

    Prices vary heavily depending on the type of fur though. What would you be looking to buy?
  6. but sheared mink is not that expensive anyways. so even on sale you would not safe alot on it. if it would have been a premium fur i would say wait till summer but with a sheared mink i say buy it now the few 100$ are not worth beeing furless this winter lol
    but if you are in rome in the summer you can get really good deals at fendi i haggled them down several thousand $ for made to meassure ones quite often :flowers: