Where do you find refills for the agendas?

  1. I want one!!! I actually just bid on one on eBay but if I don't win it I'll probably buy one at the outlet. but where do you buy the refills? I looked on Coach.com but don't see them...??? I need to start keeping something with me to write down appointments instead of getting home to write on the calendar only to find out something is already written. Now, I could try to tell myself to buy one at staples for about oh, $70 cheaper but why??? :graucho:
  2. you just have to search for them (search "agenda" and you'll find them)
  3. you can also purchase refills at your local Coach boutique.
  4. my store has NEVER had the right refills for any of the coach agendas i've had. but maybe thats just my store?
  5. That could be. I purchased a refill about a month ago at my boutique, it's a brand new store so that could be why they had them...I used to order them from Coach.com in the past.
  6. Day Runner has various sizes at Office Depot/staples for a lot less, plus note pads.