Where do you find MbMJ clothing on sale?

  1. I really like the style - but it seems like when they are on sale they're still really expensive. Any ideas of where to get deeper discounts for his brand of clothing? t.y.!:heart:
  2. I am a sale whore LOL! I just bought a ton of MbyMJ clothes at the Nieman Marcus summer sale online right now...
  3. Check if you have Jeremys in your city. They have a pretty good sale of MbyMJ and other brand names.
  4. Sometimes you can find it at the outlets in the department stores.

    Neimans has a few pieces for sale right now.
  5. the mbmj boutique was having a 40% off shoes sale last weekend.
  6. If you live in an area with a Filene's basement..you can find a ton of great stuff there !
  7. I just was at Nordies today and saw a bunch of mbmj on sale!
  8. right now is a good time to pick some stuff up, all the dept stores are having sales!
  9. try any online department store, they will have a lot of stuff on sale.
  10. Century 21
  11. on elux sometimes
  12. online department stores

    I found really good deal on MJ coat at Saks.
  13. thanks so much! I'll give a look :smile:
  14. bumping...

    about how markdowned do mbymj clothes get at most discount stores or on sale? i love this line and i need new clothes!
  15. ^ I've gotten some great deals at Barney's and NM... up to 70%. I think my best score was at the Barney's Outlet - $30 for a pair of twill pants. Elux is having a good deal now as well, additional 30% off clearance.