Where do you find H Bolide?

  1. Hello I'm new to this area and I hope this is not replicated. I searched. Is the Bolide a older Hermes? It is the only bag that I really like in the Hermes line. I looking for a green one? Thank you!:shrugs:
  2. No, it's still current. They have one at the Neiman Marcus H Boutique in Troy, MI at the Somerset Collection Mall-- it's a 31cm Blue Jean Bolide w/PHW. Bolides are a lot easier to get your hands on than Birkins, that's for sure! As far as green goes, Vert Anis is TDF, but I've not seen too many green Bolides-- maybe some members will have pics for you!
  3. There was a green (vert anis) at the Madison Ave store in NYC right before Thanksgiving. It was gorgeous!
  4. It's an old model but Hermes still makes it. It was called Bugatti in those early years. There is another bag which has similar shape to Bolide, i.e. Web Bag, 1923.
  5. Welcome! I also love the Bolide! It is the only Hermes bag that I know I will buy in multiples. I love green and the Vert Anis at the Madison store was so my colour. I bought the picotin instead. I think that the Bolide is a wonderful design.
  6. There is a vert chartreuse at the Tyson's Corner Hermes.
  7. I love the bolide too. I just bought a blue jean 31 at Riverside Miall in NJ. They also had one is Brighton Blue 35, and a potiron in 31, and a brown (not sure what color) in a 35 with gold hardware.
  8. there was a vert fonce Bolide at Chicago
  9. Oh...vert fonce! :drool: Duchess...I totally agree with you on the "multiples" thing with Bolides....
  10. ^^^^Me too!
  11. Oooh a vert fonce Bolide would be TDF!! I think that is one of the most underrated Hermes colors.

    kcf68, honestly I think the Bolide is probably one of the easiest H bags to find in boutiques! Every H I visit has at least two or three just sitting out, and asking for them from the back is no biggie. They don't get weird about that sort of thing unless you storm in demanding a Birkin which it doesn't seem that you will do.
  12. ^I think Cynthia is right on with her advice kcf68 - I can't wait to see which green you decide on!