Where do you draw the line and how?

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  1. After reading a couple of the threads about flirting with other men and having very friendly conversation with them... i am just wondering, where do you draw the line? and how do you draw that line?

    if you find yourself attracted to someone who isn't your SO or DH, how do you stop that? do you just quit cold turkey and avoid the person like plague or what?

    and at what point do you decide this person may have been better for you than your current SO/DH? or not?

    these are hard questions i know, but i am just wondering what you ladies and gents' opinions are on the matter... :idea:
  2. if you find yourself attracted to someone who isn't your SO or DH, u should just stop seeing him.. UNLESS you are in a very rocky relationship and your SO/DH is being an :censor: .

    I had a very dear friend (guy) before i got married and we used to talk about everything but there was no chemistry between us.. however, after i got married (my husband is just the best man ever!) i felt that my DH is lil bit jealous from my relation with this guy! he never said anything but i can feel his uneasiness when my friend calls! so i tried to pull away slowly not to hurt my friend, now we check on each other once a month but thats all.. dont want to risk my relationship with my husband for anything in the world. :love:
  3. I'm on a co-ed sports team and so I'm around guys a lot. But I would never date a teammate...these guys are great but like brothers so I am friendly but never blatantly flirt.

    I had a couple of really close male friends (both single) before I met my BF. One I sort of dated for a few months (oh boy, that's another post, very complicated...and the other buddies only).

    But now each of those two male friend have kinda dropped off the radar. It's sad but that's how it goes sometimes. My BF didn't really understand these friendships and got a little jealous. I had nothing to hide from him and was always open about it but he didn't like it. I would never cheat on my BF and never felt tempted to, but I felt a teeny bit torn having to 'choose.' But I knew I wanted to build a life with my BF and that meant letting these other two fade to black. Don't get me wrong...it's not like I can't have male friends anymore! But the emailing, chit chats and getting together for coffee or drinks 1:1 with male friends has stopped now that my BF and I are serious about eachother.
  4. *disclaimer* this is *my* opinion only! ;)

    TO me, if you can't do it in front of your significant other, you SHOULDN'T BE DOING IT - or if it would bother you if your SO did it, you shouldn't be doing it.
    I have no problems w/ this. I can't even tell how to draw the line because I'm naturally not flirty enough to need a line drawn.

    actually, there's no harm in being attracted to someone else, it's normal and healthy.

    I got married and I'm very traditional, not to mention I have 3 children.
    My married life would have to suck royally for me to ever jeopardize or or to drag my shildren through the break-up of their parents.
    I'm a product of divorce and have divorced friends. I know first hand the impact it has on people's lives and I won't participate unless there's a VERY just reason why and if the marriage cannot be saved.
    No man could do that type of damage to my marriage, I wouldn't let him.
  5. since i'm a kid i'm always surrounded by boys. i'm the only girl in the 10 houses surround me and i always play with the boys.
    i'm confortable with them and my bf knows that. now i'm surrounded by my gay friends :P which make him safer :roflmfao:
    although i had this friend who was his best friend but in the end he became my best friend and sometimes he get jealous of him because i'm closer to him more than he's closer with him and also he suspected that his friend likes me. i always try to keep my bf's feeling, i never go alone with that guy, i always go with some of his other friends when my bf's not coming. and i let him know that i don't have any feeling with his friend, we just get along well. i said that i don't want to stop my friendship with that guy and he have to trusts me.
    and my bf understands that.