Where do you carry your speedy?


Feb 23, 2016
I have a speedy b 30 DE and I like to take it to work. I'm able to use it when I'm biking too, with the strap on the shortest setting. It doesn't swing around at all. One of my most used bags! So classic and I'll never worry about it going out of style.
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LV and Let LV
Jun 18, 2010
For the classic Speedy- to the movies or restaurants, on light shopping days or errands that don't require carrying too much, or work days.

For Speedy B- shopping, work, restaurants, errands.

I love, love, love Speedys so I'm pretty biased, but I definitely think they'll always be 'in'.


Jan 5, 2014
I am hoping I am asking the question in the right place. I am wanting to give my friend a Speedy B 30, since it’s her dream bag, but I’m afraid of the bottom, bottoming out. I am a leather person and I do own a Speedy 30 in empriente. Any suggestions on how to use? I guess ultimately it doesn’t really matter since it’s not for me, but I really want to get her a useful bag. I’ve actually been thinking of Rivoli MM. any help would be appreciated!


May 10, 2018
I have a neverfull in azur and barely use it since it's so big. I do love the print though and I'm considering a speedy 25 or 30. Just curious, do you still use your speedy and if so, on what occasions do you carry it? I don't see too many speedies around town and I wonder if they're still "in".
I use my Speedy B 25 DE every work day as a crossbody, as I often also have a gym bag in tow. Other times, when a crossbody is too casual for my outfit, I shorten the strap to wear as a shoulder bag. Finally, I take straps off to carry when I go out to restaurants or clubs. You are right, I don't see as many Speedys as I do NFs, which is fine by me! On weekends I switch things up, depending on weather and plans, and use a DA Saleya when it's sunny, warm and I have lots of errands (holds so much!) and a Cabas Piano when I just want a classy, chic shoulder bag. But the Speedy B truly is a great all-around purse. I'm crazy about it.


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Oct 7, 2006
I have Speedy bags in varying sizes -- Mini HL, 25, 30, 35, and 40. I find them to be very useful and versatile, depending on what I need to carry. I'll use a smaller one when running errands.

The Speedy bag style has been around since it was released in 1930. It's not going anywhere.
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Apr 3, 2012
Speedy is gorgeous I just wonder if you would enjoy her as much as the neverfull is a shoulder bag with easy access but The speedy has a small opening and is a handheld or are you opting for a speedy b which gives off a total different vibe (to me) ... I would suggest to go into the store and try on stuff to figure out what suits your lifestyle and fits you best. Maybe you are a Graceful type of person or Metis ??? Don’t buy a purse to fit in what you see in the streets. Buy what fits you and you will get your moneys worth easily. (I use the totally MM as my big bag, the graceful pm as my spring/summer easy fun one and my Siena for fall winter and as my classic elegant purse. The pochette NM as my easy small crossbody or elegant evening bag. ... they serve a purpose and never disappoint.
Jan 5, 2009
I use it everyday anywhere (i have 3 speedy Bs). When i go shopping and traveling, having a strap is a great option. theres always plenty of space to keep a book or magazine to kill time and i have also have agenda PM for my meeting with clients. Besides, there is not many bags can handle both casual and business casual outfits.
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