Where Do You Buy?

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Where do you buy your LV?

  1. At the boutique, of course!

  2. eLuxury

  3. eBay

  4. A little of each

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  1. With all of the Louis Vuitton I've purchased, I've never acquired a single piece at a boutique. All of my buys have been through eBay. I've been to a boutique once to have my Jasmin authenticated (and was offered a job based on my knowledge of the collections :nuts: ), but that was about it.

    I've heard that nothing beats making a purchase at Louis Vuitton itself, but I can't resist the chance of finding a good deal on eBay. Not to mention that with all of the horror stories about rude SAs lately, I don't know that I'd want to go anytime soon. I might curse someone out. :roflmfao:

    What about your buys?
  2. I live 3 hours from a boutique. Thankfully we travel alot so I manage to shop alot (too much) We are in Chicago alot so that has become my home base so to speak. If Im going to go on a wait list kind of thing then I head there first. If its something I want right away I call the 866 number, or Elux. I also have a few stores in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami that I call alot. I have bought 2 pieces from ebay but I never seem happy. There is nothing like waiting for my fed-ex guy and opening that box...its wonderful! As much as my husband hates my obsession he loves to watch me open those boxes!!! He is amazed by the happiness shining in my eyes!!!

    P.S. I know there seem to be alot of bad SA stories lately but I have never has this problem!! Its always such a fun experience for me!!
  3. I have never been to a boutique, just the LV @ Saks. It was a nice experience. Since I am not close to any LV stores, Elux is it for me.
  4. I've always purchased from the boutique. I live 2 and half hours from the closest one, but I like buying person. If I really don't feel like the drive, I'll order from the store.
  5. Saks Fifth Avenue. Though I am considering a couple of purchases from Elux.
  6. I live 10 mins from 2 LV boutiques we have here . I love boutique experience especially if you have nice and sweet SA. It's also nice when other SA know who you want to see when you go there.
    I love bargain, got so many good good deals at Ebay,I buy from Boutique, Eluxury, Ebay, LT, MP
  7. burned on ebay...only order from the LV boutiques...no bargain hunting here plus I prefer new because I am picky and do not like odours or other potential problems...do not want the hassle of having to try to send it back etc. etc...if it something that I love and I know that it is classic and timeless I rather go new....
  8. In the past 13 years of shopping at LV l have only met three sa's which gave fab customer service (2 in London and 1 in Rome). I have now found the best sa in London very close to where l live so l will now only use that store. I was so pleased with her customer service that l am going to write to the head office to tell them how wonderful her service is!
  9. I do a little of both. There is no LV where I live but I travel a lot and then there is ebay.
  10. I am mostly from the boutique...but in the case of my limited items I had to go with ebay!
  11. Boutique!!
  12. Good question! I have bought all my pieces from ebay etc... and 1 Brand New Piece (Damier Speedy 25) from Eluxury. I look for a bargain. The purchase form elux was 8% off with free shipping:nuts: ...just like to save some $ :yes:
  13. My experience so far is bought from store and 2nd hand shop, only had 2 times online buying ( ebay or TM)

    I live far away from the stores, so everytime, I save up all my money then go travel and buy LV, recently, I used phone order too
  14. Most of my bags are from the boutique. The "experience" was OK....not great, not bad. In fact I have never had a "bad" experience however, I expect more when I'm buying such expensive things. For example, when I bought my Rolex, the guy showed me practically every watch in the collection. He was extremely patient and nice. Of course I was spending WAY more than I have ever spent on one purse, but the service should be as good at LV. Bottom line: When I buy High End products, I expect High End service.

    I ordered a Jasmin fom eLux and returned it the very next day. I will definitely buy from there again if the right bag and color comes up. It is very convenient and I can live without the "experience".

    I have also found some GREAT buys on ebay. The bag I carry the most is my black epi petit noe and it only cost me $300!:yes:

    Great question by the way.
  15. I purchase only at LV stores. There is one only 20 minutes from me in Denver. I just realized (duh! :shocked: there is also anohter LV store 4 hrs away in Aspen!! I have had great SA's in Denver as well as Vegas.