Where do you buy your swimsuits from?

  1. I have always bought mine from victoriassecret.com and, as a result, all of my suits are starting to look very similar. Where else should I be shopping for great swimsuits?
  2. I get mine from Pacsun. Although I did see a cute bathing suit from VS as well for this year.
  3. I'm okay with any of the department stores like Macy's or Nordstroms, they have some really cute ones and they seem to be always on sale (at least at Macy's) :yes:
  4. OK I'll chip in even though it still less than 10 degrees centigrade outside in London, LOL

    Emilio Pucci, it's cheaper than you think and you can't go wrong with Pucci prints.
  5. my last two were from original penguins and j crew.
  6. Victoria's Secret, Neimen Marcus, Pacsun..
  7. i bought 6 jcrew swimsuits for hawaii last yr. love them :smile:.
  8. We too are in the middle of a HUGE snow storm (Minneapolis) but I buy mine at Macy's, Bloomies, VS & Pac Sun.
  9. I buy mine from wherever they sell Vix--those suits are all I buy now!
  10. i love juicy couture's bikinis
  11. macys, Nordstroms, venus, and surf shops (oneils, fatkat)
  12. i like to have a huge variety of swim suits for spring break so i usually go to target and get a few for really cheap (and if i loose them or they get ruined im not sad because i didnt spend a lot on them)
  13. jcrew - they have great basics
  14. almost all of my bikinis are from surfing brand such as roxy, insight, billabong or rip curl