Where do you buy your Michael Kors bags?

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Where do you purchase your MK bags?

  1. Michael Kors boutique or outlet

  2. Michael Kors online store

  3. Department store

  4. Other (ebay, etc.)

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  1. #1 Sep 26, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2010
    Being in Canada I don't have a lot of choice where I buy my Kors bags as there is only one department store here that gets limited items of his.

    Just curious where everyone else does most of their MK shopping. :biggrin:

    I envy my American friends both on the better pricing and the many locations you can find his stuff!!

    Thanks for participating!
  2. I have bought in both the department stores and the Michael Kors boutique, as well as a wallet in the outlet (the Fulton wallet in luggage). I have also ordered online as well (my python wallet had to be ordered through Michael Kors online b/c the boutiques were sold out and told me as they get in the python they sell out quickly).....I had to wait for the wallet to get back in stock online, too, but as soon as it did they shipped it. I have had NO problems with Macy's and Nordstroms....in fact the return policy you dont like from Michael Kors doesnt hold with department stores. I think you get 6 months and I think Nordstroms is longer from what I read on the back of my receipts.....you can also do dept store online purchases if you go into for ex: Macys.com and search for Michael Kors handbags, they will list what is in stock.
  3. I purchased my first one from the boutique, but I hope to visit the outlet at Vaughan Mills and maybe when my friends have time, we could go over to the MK outlet at Buffalo =p
  4. I purchased on from the boutique (30% off :smile:) and one from a TPF'r on ebay.
  5. Can we vote more than once? LOL. I bought my first MK from the outlet, the second one on ebay, and my DH bought my most recent one (a birthday gift) from a Dept store.
  6. If you want something that the storer doesn't have, can you have the store order it in? I'm in Canada too so it makes things difficult. I am within reach of two retail stores and apparently two department stores carry this line too in Calgary. (the bay?)
  7. I get the impression the Kors stores don't do this in the same way that Coach would - I believe each store is more stand alone and not into sharing inventory in the same way as Coach. Kira definetely has a different business model - such as a 10 day return/exchane policy at my store. No keeping tags on for weeks or months. I think it's a better policy. Gets you out of the insane buy/return policy.
  8. LOL I used to do that with Coach b/c I was ABLE TO!!!! I would keep the tags on the bags for even a year and then return them! Now I only buy what I want that I will use right away!!! Here we have a 21 day return policy in the boutique, but in the outlets you ONLY get a 21 day EXCHANGE/credit....NO refunds. I dont care for that b/c if I give them my cash then decide I dont want it, I dont want a credit!!!!! This is forcing me to be even pickier than I ever was before!~!!!! LOL
  9. What about defects? If there is a problem with your bag do they make it right? Or repair it?
  10. I was told we have one year from the date of purchase for any defects....if you go on the MK website it explains it. I can say I know someone who has an MK that is 6 years old and it still looks brand new....and she takes the train and subway daily to work!!!! That is what got me thinking to try him.....
  11. Again, I don't think it's the same as Coach where it's pretty much unlimited. I get the feeling if they consider it normal wear and tear at all, it's on you. If it is beyond the shadow of a doubt that it's a manufacturing defect, I'm sure they will help you out, but it's not going to be like Coach. My thing with Kors is check the bag over with a fine tooth comb within the first 10 days because after that I consider it a done deal unless it's something REALLY obvious. But I don't think Kors is going to play the loose stitching or occasional flaking game.

    I honestly don't expect PERFECTION from anything I buy though. A defect is an obvious defect, but a loose thread or something for me is not a reason to return a bag - I think that thinking actually hurt Coach's bottom line. They are too quick to take back bags.
  12. I purchased my one and only from Holts, but like you, I am dying to visit the location at Vaughan Mills .. LOL!
  13. I'm planning a trip to Vaughan Mills on Thanksgiving weekend. :yahoo:
  14. I got my Astor shoulder bag at Macys for 1/2 off. I see a lot of MK at TJMAXX and actually just went there today. I saw the shoulder astor bag in chocolate color there on sale for $99 but there was a stud missing. I also saw that one that crissy11 has posted on her picture (black with gold, 1st pic) except this was all patent and the chain was black. I almost bought it but then thought that I should hold out for one that has a zip top since my wallet has been stolen before from an open top bag. I am eyeing the astor satchel now and would love to find it at tjmax one day.
  15. I buy mine from Dillards usually, with a couple from ebay. Although I have seen MK in my local Marshall's they are never the ones I'm looking for :shrugs: At least Dillards does have good sales and I scored a couple for 30% off.