Where do you buy your J12, quartz or automatic?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Where do you buy your J12, directly from the Chanel boutique, department stores, local authorized watch dealers, or online dealers? How do you determine where to buy?

    Also, I was under the impression that all J12s were automatic, but came to realized that the 29 and 33mm are mostly quartz movement. What's puzzling is that the price is almost the same between 33mm and the 38mm (well at least at the Chanel boutique) so my question to you all is would you buy a J12 with quartz movement? I feel the 33mm is a better size for me but I am a bit disappointed to find that it is not automatic. Any advise would be appreciated, thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a quartz, but that's just me.
  3. Thanks for your comments! J12 owners, your response is very much appreciated!
  4. I bought mine from Yoogi's Closet. I got the 38MM since the size fits me better. Puzzled too why any expensive watch would have quartz movement.
  5. I've owned both a 33 and 38mm J12. The 33mm I bought from Saks and more recently, the 38 from the Chanel boutique. Because I bought mine at the Chanel boutique at Tyson's in VA but lived in MD at the time, they delivered it by courier the next day to me and I didn't have to pay sales tax!
  6. I got my black 38mm QUARTZ from an authorised watch dealer, IMHO J12 automatic isn't worth that extra $ as the movement isnt too accurate even with 24/7 wear.
  7. If I had to pay big $$ for Quartz, it has to be really really iconic watch.
  8. bb10lue knows a LOT about watches, so this is something to think about!
  9. Saks...white 33mm diamond bezel.
  10. I too have been struggling with quartz vs. auto dilemma. I going to buy the white J12 38mm with diamond markers for my wife as a surprise anniversary gift. For her, I think quartz is better. But, I am a watch buff and am having a real hard time buying a quartz watch. Another difference I have noticed between the 38mm auto (H1629) and the 38mm quartz (H2125) is that the quartz does not have a second hand, the bezel doesn't have the numbers on it, and the dial is slightly different (doesn't have the indicators on the outer part). The lack of the second hand pushes me further in favor of an automatic, but I'm not the one who will be wearing the watch. I am going to give her the auto, but if tell the wife she can exchange it for the quartz after showing her all the differences.
  11. Hi Lanier,

    Do you notice any difference in performance between your 33 and your 38mm J12? Which one do you like better? Thanks!
  12. Hi bb10lue, so you prefer quartz over automatic in general or just for J12? Thanks!
  13. Loved them both, but I preferred the movement and the size of the 38mm more.
  14. Just for the J12s, my other watches are all automatic.
  15. It's just a matter of personal preference. My Cartier is a quartz and I specifically wanted it that way.